ExMP: Corporate FINANCE


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Learn about the principal financial statements and the mains tools to analyze the financial performance of a company.

This course takes the participants through the principal financial statements and provides them with the tools to analyze the financial performance of a company.The techniques for making financial projections are explained and the different ways to evaluate and finance investments are discussed. Finally the participants will learn how to evaluate a business in the context of a sale. 

The "Corporate Finance" module is part of the Executive Management Programme ExMP, but you can register for this module individually in the limit of a small number of places.

ExMP aims to provide a "helicopter view" of the main managerial discipline and equip participants with a strategical understanding of the driving forces of the business environment.

Language: English

Date and place: 8 - 9 June 2018, 9h00-18h00 at CCIFER (Calea Floreasca 240B, 3rd floor, Bucharest).

For more details about the cost and registrations, please contact us at formari[a]

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