ExMP: Organizational Behavior

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Learn how to increase your effectiveness and skill in observing, understanding and managing behavior in organizations.


This is a course in applied behavioral science which will selectively survey ideas and frameworks from the social sciences (psychology, social psychology, sociology) and explore their implications for managerial practice.

After attending this course, participants will be able to apply these concepts to personal and managerial situations. They will be able to perceive and analyze most of the social, organizational and psychological dynamics existing within organizations and understand the various dimensions of their managerial roles, in order to develop their added value in work and team processes.

The "Organizational Behavior" module is part of the Executive Management Programme ExMP, but you can register for this module individually in the limit of a small number of places.

ExMP aims to provide a "helicopter view" of the main managerial discipline and equip participants with a strategical understanding of the driving forces of the business environment.

Language: English

Date and place:4-5 May 2018, 9h00-18h00 at CCIFER (Calea Floreasca 240B, 3rd floor, Bucharest).

For more details about the cost and registrations, please contact us at formari[a]


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