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Free webinaire - Tour of CEE countries in 45 min


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Save the date for the new edition of the "Tour of CEE countries in 45 min" in 2022 and get information from reliable sources!

We are delighted to invite you to the regional webinar we are organizing in cooperation with French Chambers of Commerce and Industry from 6 countries in Central and Eastern Europe region:
Czech Republic  |  Hungary  |  Poland  |  Serbia  |  Slovakia |  Romania

Topic :
On November 24, a webinar will be held on the topic : "The situation and challenges of the energy sector in the CEE countries",
starting at 13h00
(Bucharest local time). 

Guest speaker :
Noémie PIASKOWSKI, Conseillère Développement Durable
Ambassade de France à Varsovie, Service Economique Régional

This exchange of less than one hour will provide fresh information of all participating markets to those who already work in CEE region and also give new ideas to those who consider it in their future business plan.

Presentation language : English
Platform : Zoom
Registration required

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