10 years of SIVECO software for APIA

Over EUR 17 billion distributed to more than 2 million farmers, during the 2007 - 2017 period

SIVECO Romania celebrates 10 years since the development and implementation of the APIA IT system. Over EUR 17 billion have been allocated through this system to more than 2 million farmers registered during the 2007-2017 period.

“The 5,000 APIA employees deserve our respect for the degree of funds’ absorption in agriculture and we are proud that our software has made their work possible. We are joining the select club of top European companies that have achieved such performance. The IACS software, carried out by SIVECO’s team is a very complex one and the Romanian particularities have made it rank among the most difficult of its kind in Europe. We organized ourselves, like our team has done every time under full pressure, and we have succeeded in delivering a system meeting the highest standards”, stated Florin Ilia, President & CEO SIVECO Romania.

Through the IT system developed for APIA constantly improved over the past decade, SIVECO Romania has played a major role in accelerating the agricultural sector to the top position in Romania as regards the European funds’ absorption rate. Agriculture is the only sector having massive allotments and over 90% absorption rate of the total allocated funds. For the 2016 campaign, the Romanian agriculture ranks among the first in Europe regarding the amount authorized for payment as of 31 March 2017.

The information system developed by SIVECO for APIA, named IACS (Integrated Administration and Control System), is a system ensuring the strict administration and control of the farmers’ payment requests. IACS development and implementation has represented a vital condition Romania had to fulfil in order to gain access to European funds dedicated to modernizing the agricultural sector.

“Other Member States have had 2 or 3 years at their disposal prior to the European Union accession in order to design such a system. We had to do everything in a very short time, practically at the same time with Romania’s EU accession. At times, our team numbered up to 200 highly specialized experts, who worked simultaneously for the APIA software. Despite all the challenges, we are happy to say that we indeed contributed to reaching very good economic results for Romania’s agriculture. And this is based, objectively, on undeniable figures,” added Gabriel Lospa, eAgriculture Department Manager SIVECO Romania.

The IACS system has received international recognition from the IT community, which has awarded SIVECO Romania with the European IT Excellence Awards prize for the Vertical Market category.

SIVECO is one of the few players on the Romanian IT market having the necessary capacity and resources for developing and implementing an IT system of such a scale that would be able to lead and sustain such a strong social impact.



About SIVECO Romania

SIVECO Romania develops and exports software products and consultancy projects with high added-value to countries within the European Community, Middle East, North Africa and the CIS area. SIVECO Romania is the only Romanian software company that provides IT services directly to the European Commission organizations.

The company is specialized in developing large and complex IT projects for education, health, agriculture, customs organizations, European institutions, private companies and public sector. Recently, the company’s portfolio was enhanced with new innovative products and services, adapted to the current business model of the organization, addressing new markets and types of customers.

During its 25 years of activity, SIVECO Romania received more than 200 national and international recognitions and prizes.

More information about the company and its products is available at and

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