200 hours of free counseling offered so far to isolated children at home. We can not stop now!

" I wake up every day thinking that today will be better, but no matter how much I stress, it is not. Her behavior is wild. She doesn't speak yet so I don't understand what she always wants. She has tantrums, slaps the door to get away. She wants to go out and when we go out in front of the block, she pulls to go to the subway, as she knew before we did. It breaks my heart to refuse her.

It's dangerous, we know. We have nowhere to go anyway. She can’t go to therapy, can’t go the park, she can’t go anywhere. I do with her at home what I can and still in vain somedays. I see every day how she retreats more, how she does less and less than before, she doesn't bother to say anything, she hides or looks at the empty walls. She needs help and I can't give it to her. At least I can talk to you now, find out what else to do so we don't go crazy ...".                                   

This is just one of the stories from mothers who call at #AutismVoiceLine, our free online and telephone public utility service for families with children with autism isolated at home.

From March 18, 2020 until now, 120 families from all over the country and some from abroad, have turned to our specialists for psychological, emotional or ABA support and we have been able to offer them 200 hours of free specialized counseling.

It is far from enough. In Romania, it is estimated that there are 40,000 children with autism or behavioral disorders. We don't know how many live in reality. All are isolated at home without therapy, without social integration, without education, without resources.

Any parent who needs support for their child can call daily, free of charge, at the phone number 0756 678 219 or Skype at Any relief is better than none for isolated children with autism at home.

In order to be able to actively support this service for as long as possible, we need the support of those around us. All funds received since March have been directed exclusively to Autism Voice Line, and so far we have been able to keep the service active between 9:00 and 13:00.

We want to continue it in a daily service between 9:00 and 18:00. To achieve this, any donation or sponsorship is welcome. Families with children with autism will still need help and we are here to be with them.

Thank you for your involvement in any form and for all the support provided so far!





Nicoleta Orlea

Coordonator Dep. Fundraising

T: 0751 278 391

E: nicoleta.orlea(@) |

Str.Agricultori, nr 116A, Sector 2, Bucuresti

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