200.000 de euro in financial support for the first founding program by Societe Generale European Business Services

Societe Generale European Business Services launches We Care Together, a funding program aimed to support projects developed by non-governmental organizations in Romania and offer financial aid of 200,000 euros in total.

Continuing its commitment to positively impact the society and the environment by helping vulnerable communities, SG EBS has create a founding program with the objective of supporting initiatives created by NGO’s in the fields of professional integration and education.

Through We Care Together, SG EBS hopes to drive creativity, performance and responsibility and offer financial support for implementing actions that will shape a more inclusive future by promoting economic, social and digital inclusion. An essential component of the proposed programs should be volunteering, SG EBS wishes to involve its employees and give them the opportunity to have an active role in the evolution of the projects.

The program is dedicated exclusively for non-governmental and non-profit organizations, established legally and with headquarters in Romania, which have at least 1 year of activity at the time of the application for funding.

There are two categories of projects that will be accepted in this program:

• Professional integration

Projects which help vulnerable people find a job, allow them to access employment support projects, guide them professionally, support them during their entrepreneurial journey or provide them with the needed tools to overcome obstacles to employment.

• Integration through education

Projects that focus on integration through education, especially for children or young people in a vulnerable situation. Projects may include various actions that respond to the different needs of the beneficiaries: educational projects through sports and cultural activities to encourage integration, training and skills development programs, projects for preventing school dropout, combating illiteracy, mentoring and professional counseling, programs for insertion in the labor market.

It’s our core purpose to build together with our colleagues and partners a better and sustainable future. We want to act for the benefit of both individual and collective interests by creating the right conditions for certain initiatives to arise. Initiatives that will bring important and sustainable changes to the Romanian landscape and that will help many disadvantage communities.

We hope that a lot of NGO’s will be able to apply to our first edition of this founding program. Best of luck to all and don’t forget that SG EBS is here to support you in your desire to positively transform the future, said Matthieu Pasquier, CEO SG EBS.

The application period will be a month, from 27th of February to 27th of March, after that an internal jury comprised of 6 specialists from different areas of the company will select the projects that will receive the founding from SG EBS.

All the details about the founding program We Care Together can be found on SG EBS website:

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