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A year of good deeds at Ateliere Fără Frontiere

2020 has been a year full of trials, but with each of them we have exceeded our limits, and are improving every day for those who need our support. Now that we look back on the numbers and impressions gathered from those we worked with, we can only be more ambitious, believe in our strengths even more, and in the help of those who support us.

We want to send our gratitude to all those who have been there for us, people with a big heart, companies that do their best for society and the environment. Together, we managed to gather as many good deeds as we could fit in the infographic below.

Our mission is to support vulnerable individuals and communities. To show solidarity with their worries and needs. At Ateliere Fără Frontiere, in 2020 alone, 50 people who benefited from socio-professional insertion were able to find work. Together we taught them a trade, and the meaning of professionalism and collegiality.

The jobs we have created in each workshop have built into their DNA the care for the environment and the mission to do good. We talk about Educlick, the platform through which we collect and refurbish computers - which we then donate to children from disadvantaged backgrounds. We also reuse banners and advertising meshes to make new sustainable fashion products through the remesh workshop, and moreover, we grow organic vegetables with respect for the land at the social farm bio&co. All of these workshops promote the principles of the circular economy and enforce them for a better world.


The context of the pandemic and at-home schooling found a quarter of the children in Romania without access to a computer, making them unable to keep up with classes, homework and learning. Last year we refurbished 2150 computers, through which we improved the access to education of 5604 students and teachers, who were able to share their knowledge online.

The reuse of electrical and electronic waste is one of the basic principles in circular economy. Through EduClick, we collected 159 tons of WEEE, of which we recycled 125 tons and reused 39 tons. If we want to calculate the positive impact on the environment, each discarded laptop produces 180,000 kg of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. But when we refurbish one, it's like planting 9,144 trees. We can only imagine how much good we did in saving the 159 tons of waste from the landfill.


Let's think about how many billboards there are in a city! And then realise that none of them are made from biodegradable materials. The solution in this case is to reuse all banners and meshes in new, durable products.

With this in mind, we started remesh, a workshop in which we work with people from vulnerable backgrounds - especially women - who benefit from socio-professional insertion and learn the secrets of the tailoring profession. We are proud of each of the 66,602 products sewn in nine years of operation. With each one, we saved a little more of the environment while we help people in need.

Maria, 46 years old, finalised the socio-professional integration program in remesh workshop and now she is working in a textile factory Ateliere Fără Frontiere:  

The biggest help from Ateliere Fără Frontiere was the community I met there. Every person there has their story, their problem, and I learned a little from each one. I walked through every stage of the programme patiently and always did my best. I asked for help and allowed myself to receive it so I could do better - and I got that help fully. When I finished the two and a half years of the insertion programme - together with the counsellor who helped me make a professional plan - I was able to find work right away in a related field.


‘The happiest vegetables grow on our farm!’ - says our horticultural engineer and all our subscribers who are satisfied with the taste and appearance of our vegetables.

During one year, we cultivate 80 certified vegetable varieties. Every week is harvest time, when we deliver the vegetables to our costumers. The contents of a basket are never the same, and they always pack a surprise - a new, unusual vegetable, a jar of pickles, honey, or tomato sauce.  In 2020 we delivered 4250 baskets.

We respect the Earth and nature. We respect people in vulnerable communities and we are here to help them. The farm is located in Ciocănari, a village near Bucharest, where its inhabitants live in severe poverty, without access to jobs because there are none. Together with 24 people from the community we work hard every day, and we teach them the joy of growing their own vegetables at home, naturally, as their own source of healthy food.

Ateliere Fără Frontiere would like to thank all the sponsors and partners that supported us in 2020!

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