act legal grows into a strong European player

Over the past few years, act legal has grown from 5 to 10 offices in some of the largest European business centres with a clear goal, which is to develop a strong cross-border footprint and shared standards of legal services so as to ensure consistent top-notch quality throughout Europe. As part of its bold strategy, act legal is now taking the necessary step towards the integration of all offices under a common brand.

This comes as a natural step further, propelled by the aspiration to provide clients, international companies operating on the European market, with synergistic international expertise, integrated cross-border capabilities and combined multi-disciplinary transnational teams, while ensuring local intelligence based on excellent local markets knowledge.

Dr. Sven Tischendorf, MBA, Manging Partner of the act office in Germany: “In recent years, act legal has established itself as a first-class alternative to large international law firms, both on a national level and in international transactional business. The combination of the service profile of a large international law firm and the efficient structures of a boutique is unique in Europe. With act legal, demanding corporate clientele is guaranteed top-quality individual advice at an attractive price.”

Ștefan Botezatu, Managing Partner of the act office in Romania (act Botezatu Estrade Partners): “In January 2020, when our office joined act legal, I said we were happy to put Romania on the act legal map. Only one year after, we did not only manage to provide our clients with integrated cross-border capabilities, while ensuring the same pragmatic, value-added, high-standard and business-oriented legal advice throughout Europe, but we also contributed to the creation of an integrated act legal team, much bigger than the mere sum of its individual parts.”

With a unified brand and corporate style for all 10 law firms and a new modern joint website, the rebranding marks the logical next step in the evolution of the alliance. The aligned style reflects the strong years-long cooperation between the individual offices and enhances a powerful approach to further strengthen act legal’s unique proposition in Europe.

act legal benefits from the combined forces of around 400 lawyers, tax consultants and business experts in 10 European markets. Strategically located in Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain and the Netherlands, act legal aims to expand further to cover mainland Europe in the years to come.

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