Air France-KLM and Le Manoir Group, a fine gastronomy business group have signed a two year agreement for the development of the Sustainable Aviation Fuel

• Le Manoir group is the second partner of the Air France-KLM group in Romania, but the first one to sign a contract for a period of two years.

• This partnership contributes to the company's global effort to achieve the ambition of blending 10% Sustainable Aviation Fuel  globally by 2030.

Le Manoir Group, a business group operating in fine gastronomy, owned by Romanian entrepreneur Cristian Preotu, has joined forces with Air France - KLM, taking an active role in reducing CO₂ emissions, after signing an agreement to invest in the group’s Corporate SAF Program (Sustainable Aviation Fuel), contributing to the ecological transition of air transport. 

The agreement is part of the Corporate SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel) program launched by Air France- KLM to propose companies to play an active role in the future of sustainable travel.

«By working with companies like Le Manoir Group, we can achieve the goal of Air France KLM to use at least 10% sustainable aviation fuel worldwide by 2030. We are glad to see that Le Manoir is joining AF KLM group effort to make our activities more environmentally sustainable and to reduce CO2 emissions and carbon footprint globally.», declared Mr. Razvan Radut, Country Sales Manager in Romania for Air France-KLM, after signing the SAF agreement in Bucharest.

Through the SAF program, Air France and KLM corporate customers, after estimating the CO₂ emissions associated with their travel, can determine the annual contribution they wish to make to this program. Air France and KLM invest all contributions in the supply and use of sustainable aviation fuel. This will support the creation of a sustainable fuel industry that ensures increasingly eco-responsible air transport.

«We are happy and proud that we can contribute to the Corporate SAF Air France KLM program, as Le Manoir Group is focused on sustainability across the board in all its enterprises. By investing in the Corporate SAF Program of Air France- KLM, we want to take an active part in reducing CO₂ emissions that are related to our business travel.” Cristian Preotu, CEO Le Manoir Group.

At Global level, Air France-KLM pushes its sustainability targets forward with major multi-year Sustainable Aviation Fuel purchase agreements.

Air France-KLM has signed two binding multi-year contracts with SAF providers Neste and DG Fuels for a total volume of 1.6 million tons. 

First Air France-KLM Global partners are:

-  Neste: supplying 1 million tons over the period 2023 to 2030.

-  DG Fuels: supplying 600.000 tons over the period 2027 to 2036.

As a leader in the use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel, the Air France-KLM Group is reaffirming its commitment in making the aviation sector more sustainable, and is taking a decisive step forward by signing the first set of long-term supply agreements to cover the SAF needs of its airlines for the coming years.

The agreements cover the supply of a total volume of 1.6 million tons of sustainable aviation fuel between 2023 and 2036, which will avoid 4.7 million tons emissions of CO2 on full lifecycle basis compared to fossil fuels. 





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