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Impact Hub launches flexible packages with private offices for companies

  • Corporations & SMEs will have 46 dedicated spaces provided at discounted prices.
  • Impact Hub clients can benefit from a new type of subscription, Flexi Pass which offers a greater flexibility in accessing the co-working spaces.
  • For 100 entries used, Impact Hub members can benefit from having spots in private offices.

Impact Hub Bucharest comes to support the Romanian employers and employees, whose activity was strongly affected by the global pandemic by releasing a new package of services & pricings.

Impact Hub offers access to a network of dedicated office spaces to corporate teams, SMEs, start-ups, professionals and entrepreneurs, spaces situated in three key points in Bucharest – Floreasca, Timpuri Noi & Universitate. The private offices are modernly furnished and fully equipped with the latest technology infrastructure. By joining Impact Hub Bucharest, your team will have access to green spaces while also enjoying a safe space dotted with  all the COVID-19 norms and regulations.  

The last months really made us realize that working from home is a real contextual compromise and not a viable solution on the long run for most of the Romanian employers and employees. The constraints enforced by the new coronavirus made the companies prolong the duration of the working-from-home term and temporary reunite only small teams at their offices. Impact Hub addresses this issue by offering dedicated and spacious spaces, on locations closer to employee’s homes. In addition, the new flexible packages generate up to a 15% cut of costs in companies’ budgets compared to their previous monthly rent for own offices”, says Vlad Craioveanu, Co-Founder of Impact Hub Bucharest.

Besides the Standard offers, the co-working spaces have now a new Flexi Pass subscription. This subscription is opened to both members of the Impact Hub community and also to new clients by offering more flexibility in terms of accessibility and prices. With this new  pass any member of your team will have unlimited access for a full day at the price of 15 Euro; this cost can go down to 10 Euro/day if you purchase more than 20 daily entries/month.

The Flexi Pass subscription is not nominal, so that any member of a team can use it, anytime and anywhere, and from any Impact Hub location in Bucharest. For companies that purchase at least 100 daily entries, Impact Hub can offer the option to access a private office, for more security and privacy.

I truly believe that on the long run, the concepts like Impact Hub will grow a lot on the office spaces market, both locally and globally. The community is after all, the one that defies and inspires us every day. The “teamwork” that was so carefully developed in years is threatened now by the lack of interaction between colleagues - co-working spaces remaining ideal to the development of communities, collaboration, and innovation. Besides the flexibility in contracting and a better control of the costs, our clients have the possibility to offer their employees access to a place where they can work and have meetings closer to their home”, explained Vlad Craioveanu.

Impact Hub offers a total of 6,500 square meters space in three locations across Bucharest: Impact Hub Floreasca, Impact Hub Universitate and Impact Hub Timpuri Noi. These three locations provide over 150 offices in shared co-working spaces, 46 dedicated spaces, 12 conference center spaces, 3 dedicated meal areas  and one open air terrace (Timpuri Noi).

Since the lessen of restrictions implied by the new coronavirus, Impact Hub Bucharest took all the precaution measures to make sure the community is safe and works in a secure environment. All the spaces are disinfected periodically, have thermal scanners installed at the entrances, special corridors for access and the desks are placed at a 1,5 meters distance. In addition, every member has access to a kit with disinfecting items.  

You can find all the information on our website:

Contact Person: Eva Regnaud,


About Impact Hub Bucharest

Impact Hub Bucharest is a dynamic space where professionals and entrepreneurs work in developing projects and business initiatives. Since 2012, Impact Hub Bucharest is the first co-working space in Romania, with a growing community of 2000 members in three central locations in Bucharest and present globally in over 100 locations in 50 countries.

The mission of Impact Hub is to support the entrepreneurial ecosystem by offering accelerating programs and direct funding to start-ups, as well as the biggest online entrepreneurial educational platform.

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