Autism Voice is preparing the first Multifunctional Center for Autism Recovery and Research in Romania

Autism Voice Association aims to open, in 2022, the Autism Voice Institute - the first Multifunctional Center for Autism Recovery and Research. This is a unique project in Romania that will offer both complex therapeutic intervention programs for children and young people diagnosed with autism, as well as research in the field.

Autism Voice, which has been providing a voice to children and young people with autism spectrum disorders for over 13 years, conducted an experiment on November 1-5, which took place in the Sun Plaza shopping center in Bucharest. The association invited a number of public figures and visitors to the mall to a room that allowed them to witness a frustrating episode of a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in the care of Autism Voice therapists.

"We believe it is time to stop ignoring the difficult and stigmatized side of autism, but to generate knowledge, understanding and solutions. Every parent knows how hard it is for their child to cry, how unbearable it is not to be able to help him when he is feeling sick or sick. Parents of children with autism live such experiences every day. The lack of statistics in Romania is often a huge obstacle in accessing the necessary financial resources. Together, we can build more for our society and we can take care of our children, no matter what difficulties they have, in the long run ", says Anca Dumitrescu, President of Autism Voice.

The need for scientific bases, working tools, innovative programs and monitoring of current data related to the situation of people with autism in our country is a pressing one, as well as covering their therapy needs. Romania does not currently have the weapons to fight autism spectrum disorders.

It is estimated that 1 in 54 children suffers from such a condition. Many of them do not benefit from help, facing a whole series of obstacles, from the associated social stigma, to the small number of accredited therapists and the high costs of therapy ranging between 3,000 and 7,000 Lei per month.

Autism Voice is launching a national campaign among individuals and companies to raise the 270,000 Euros needed to set up the institute.

Autism Voice Institute will cover an area of ​​over 1,000 square meters in Bucharest, will include both areas dedicated to research and development of therapy programs (ABA, psychotherapy, speech therapy, physical therapy), as well as work rooms, where meetings will take place. therapy, school integration, vocational training, assessment, counseling, all necessary for affected children, young people or adults.

In order to support Autism Voice Institute, companies can sponsor with 20% of the tax, and individuals can donate 2 Euro by SMS, with the text VOICE, to the number 8844. More details on the association's website at

Feli Donose, Adrian Nartea, Șerban Copoț, Costel Bojog, Dan Cruceru, Andrei Leonte, Andi Vasluianu, Dana Săvuică and Nicolai Tand took part in the shopping center experiment.

About Autism Voice

The Autism Voice Association, founded in 2008, is the first association specialized in the recovery of children with autism, which introduced in Romania the possibility of specialized ABA training of therapists. For over 13 years, Autism Voice has been offering complex programs for the recovery of children with autism, in centers or at home, and 87% of children in recovery are included in social and school programs. The association has two therapy centers, where 400 children with disorders benefit annually from recovery services and specialized help.

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