Because You exist, we are always where we are needed!

Over 2000 Ukrainian patients, mothers, grandmothers and children were treated this year along with 5000 Romanian patients. At the foundation`s clinics or on the keld, by the mobile medical unit, thousands of people found treatment and comfort with us.

150 Ukrainian children are continuing their education along the 240 Romanian children in our centers.

Because every child has the right to safety and education.

The suffering and the fear are felt the same way regardless of the language. We are here for any human being that needs help. With physicians and nurses, investigations, treatments and medications, or with a warm place where they will learn along devoted teachers, our foundation brings back hope, health and gives back wings.

We need your support to continue to offer support to the thousands of Romanian patients excluded from the medical system and starting this year to other thousands Ukrainian refugees.

20% of the profit or income tax of the company you represent CAN BE the salvation of a person that lost all hope.

Be one of those that offer a new chance!

„We are all the fruits of the same tree and the leaves of the same branches”



Executive Director


Founder & President

Direct 20% form the profit tax of the company you represent so that the projects of the Foundation Inovatii Sociale Regina Maria will be able to continue!


It is easy and it does not imply any cost!

If in 2021 you did not make sponsorship, or you did but you did not reach the maximum amount established by law (maximum 20% from the prokt tax, but not more than 0,75% from the turnover), this year you can use the 177 FORM to ask ANAF to redirect the amount not allocated. You cand do this UNTIL DECEMBER 25th, 2022 and ANAF will transfer to us the sum in 45 days. There will be not accounting implication for you. You Just have to sign a sponsorship contract with us and to write the respective registration number in the 177 FORM that you should submit to ANAF at the deadline mentioned above.

For the year 2022 the law will allow, as up to now, to redirect up to 20% of the income tax related to this year to the Foundation CMU Regina Maria through a sponsorship contract. The respective amount will be registered as a kscal credit, if you make the payment UNTIL DECEMBER 31th, and the value of the sponsorship will be deducted from the income tax if it will comply with the limits imposed by the rules of the Fiscal Code, Title II, Chapter II, Art. 21, alin. 4, lit. P., respectively 20% from the prokt tax, but not more than 7.5/000 from the turnover. Please knd attached the sponsorship contract where you can choose of both options, checking both boxex. (for the year 2021 and/or 2022)


Our Foundation is an entity registered in the ANAF Registry of the entities/cul units for which it is given kscal deductions.



You can donate individually trough the bank using our banking account below, or you can acces our site:

Cont IBAN: RO70RZBR0000060012785673 opened at RAIFFEISEN BANK SA, Agenţia Bucureşti.

Donate through SMS with the text SOARTA or VISE at 8844, for 2 EURO/month.


For over 11 years, the Foundation CMU Regina Maria is close to people without income and medical insurances offering free or partially free medical services. Just in Bucharest we managed to hel over 5000 persons each year, and this year we succeeded to help over 2000 patients from Ukraine, especially mothers.

At the same time, over 240 children benekt of educational support in the three centers of the Foundation CMU Regina Maria (Baneasa Educational Center, Corbeanca Educational Center and Hero After School Clinceni) to whom were added this year 150 children from Ukraine. The Foundation is knancially independent and is supporting itself through its own activities, donations and sponsorships.

The Foundations CMU Regina Maria is NOT part of the Regina Maria Private Healthcare Network.

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