BusinessMark celebrates 5 years since planning its first B2B event

BusinessMark, a major B2B event planning company in Romania, celebrates 5 years of activity by increasing both the quality of its services and diversifying its client portfolio, as well as relaunching their website

From a Start-Up period to consolidating the position of the company on the market and extending on a national level

BusinessMark was founded in 2013, at the initiative of 3 business partners who aimed to contribute to developing the business environment in Romania by providing a professional space for discussions and networking. So far, BusinessMark has organized over 170 events, focusing on various industries and professional areas, bringing together around 1600 speakers, both local and international, and over 12 000 participants in cities such: Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Timișoara, Constanța, Brașov and Iași. 

BusinessMark’s main activity is business event planning, bearing their ‘’’trademark’’. By combining the best communication and business matchmaking methods, our company brings clients both effective development tools and access to an environment enabling the creation of strategic partnerships and connecting with professionals in the country and abroad. Moreover, our company offers its partners Event Management and B2B Public Relations services. 

Challenges and success - 5 years of BusinessMark for its founders

’’When we founded BusinessMark, in 2013, our ambition was to focus on a less common approach in business event planning. An approach based on the idea of the intrinsic value of a well-conceived and well-planned event. B2B events as such are important tools for the business environment, for the development of business sectors and even for the professional development of the specialists within companies. We set out with the hope of changing an outdated perspective we had identified on the market, that according to which events were simple pieces completing media plans. We strongly believe in the importance of business meetings such as those we organize, and in the collaborative power of professionals with the purpose of generating valuable experiences. I consider this to be ground zero for us – the moment we decided to do justice to B2B events and restore the significance they deserve, always using as guidelines principles such as effectiveness, balance, and transparency,” Andreea Drăgan, Managing Partner, BusinessMark, said.

’’I think the Romanian B2B market is relatively mature, meaning that the business environment in our country has high expectations in terms of content, speakers, event planning and a positive conference participation experience. I expect a stabilization in Bucharest where, in my opinion, the market allows the organization of several annual events focusing on most industries. As far as Romania is concerned, I am confident that we are witnessing an upward trend and a diversification of events on a regional level. BusinessMark’s strategy has included, ever since 2016, project development in the major cities in the country. In terms of industries and the professional areas we are targeting, I believe the number of events covering changes in tax, legislative, and new European regulations will increase, as the market is going through changes both in Romania, and the European community,” Daniel Drăgan, Managing Partner, BusinessMark, said.

’’Our company’s growth is visible in terms of profit, too, as BusinessMark’s turnover has increased over the years. I think this growth was encouraged by a continuous development of our team and the large number of specific projects we have planned, as well as defining our Event Management and B2B Public Relations approaches. In terms of profit, we’ve had a steady growth, but our strategy focused on reinvesting to ensure business development and remain competitive. For a small company, I believe that not only making profit is a challenge, but also how you manage it. We’re trying to identify the areas that may generate growth and direct our resources towards them. Last but not least, the most important thing in succeeding is to love what you do, be willing to work hard and act on it,” Dan Popescu, Managing Partner, BusinessMark, said.

Social responsibility – the power to make the world a better place

BusinessMark invests in social responsibility initiatives in order to make Romania a better place for future generations. So far, the company has invested in various initiatives in education, environment, and sports. Our actions are motivated by a constant concern and desire to contribute to a harmonious social development by supporting both personal and professional development of underprivileged young people, engaging in activities meant to protect the environment, and providing the necessary assistance in promoting performance amongst Romanian athletes.

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