Conference International Featured Standards 2016

25 Mai, Hotel Caro, Bucharest

INAQ Consulting, a CCIFER member, invites you to attend the 3rd edition of the IFS Conference, dedicated to the latest news in the quality scope. The Conference will underline the importance of the aspects related to food and non-food products analysis from IFS perspective and the influence of the raw materials and final product analyses on quality assurance and food safety.

The 2016’s main news is the 2nd version of IFS HPC (Household and Personal Care) standard which will come into force in October 2016; starting with the 1st of January 2017 the IFS HPC audits will be performed on version 2 only.

In addition, the participants will find out details regarding the Protocol concluded between AMRCR – ANSVSA for the new  product withdrawal-recall procedure.

Choose IFS certification of the delivered products and services and you may have more clients and partners. 

Make sure you are part of retail market with safe products, which comply with the clients’ requirements and legislation.

IFS Conference has been attended by more than 250 participants every year.  This means that more representatives of the companies are interested in finding out how to increase their business, as employees or owners, and which activities and standards really help to have more partners and clients.

The certification of products and services represents the path to new business opportunities; therefore, you are invited to find out the IFS news and the experiences of companies that conquered new markets following the certification of their products. 

For more information related to the agenda of the event and registration, please check the website of the conference.

Contact details:

Ionuț Nache

General Manager

INAQ Consulting

0722 517 971

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