COS celebrates 25 years of pioneering the Romanian Design & Build market.

  • COS is proud to announce its 25th anniversary on the Romanian market.
  • COS has pioneered an important new segment on the local market, being the first company to offer integrated Design & Build services - including consultancy, interior construction, design and furniture solutions.
  • The COS`portfolio today reaches 19.000 projects for 2.700 large organizations, multinational companies and dynamic entrepreneurial businesses in Romania.
  • COS is active in 5 strategic sectors nationwide: Office, Healthcare, Hospitality, Education and Industrial.

COS, the pioneer of the Romanian fit-out market, is proud to announce its 25th anniversary since the company’s launch in 1998. Having evolved alongside the active business environment in Romania, the company takes the opportunity to report a series of achievements in these 25 years. Main highlights include:   

  • COS revolutionized the local workspace market by introducing a fully human-centered design approach, that prioritizes people's well-being through interior design, a concept, directly linked with heightened employee performance.
  • To date, COS has signed a total of 19.000 projects for 2.700 large customers such as Orange, Telecom, ORACLE, HP, IBM, Pfizer, KPMG, PWC, ERNST & YOUNG, ACCENTURE, BRD, CITIBANK, RADISSON Hotel Chain or Daruieste Viata (the Hospital built at Marie Curie).
  • COS serves the most dynamic industries in Romania - such as Automotive, Financial Services, Banking, FMCG, IT&C, Pharma, Professional Services and Telecom, delivering top quality services for its various customers.
  • COS stands out as the first fit-out company on the market to expand its coverage throughout the country. With the highest national expansion rate in the industry, COS has established 4 regional offices covering a total area of 4,200 sqm, strategically located in Cluj, Bucharest, Timisoara, and Iasi.
  • In its 25 years of activity, COS has achieved an impressive total turnover of 345 million EUR, making it the top revenue-generating company in the industry during this period. COS's financial strength is further enhanced through its partnership with SARMIS Capital, which creates a clear differentiator in the market.
  • COS has consistently promoted innovative concepts and solutions in Romania. These include the introduction of groundbreaking initiatives such as the first carbon-neutral carpet, modular carpet designs, height-adjustable desks, sound masking systems, architectural elements, and numerous others, all made possible together with its long-term partners Steelcase and Interface, the leading international suppliers in their segments.

With the evolution of the one-stop-shop trend in Romania, driven by customers' preference for working with integrated solution providers, COS has been the first Design & Build company on the local market to offer both comprehensive consultancy, interior construction, design and furniture solutions.

"25 years ago, we started with a team of 5. Today, we stand tall with offices throughout the country and a dedicated team of 112 professionals - and our journey is far from over. We take great pride in not only developing a thriving market that fuels economic growth and job creation in Romania, but also in our ongoing role as pioneers in our segment. Our past 25 years have been defined by pioneering and innovation, and we are committed to pushing boundaries and achieving even greater milestones in the next 25 years. Together with our partners, employees and customers, we look forward to shaping the future of the design and build market in Romania and embracing the exciting opportunities that lie ahead," says Christophe Weller, COS founder and CEO.

“As we celebrate COS` 25-year journey, we remain steadfast in our belief that generating added value through research and development is crucial. We are dedicated to embracing digitalization and leveraging technology to enhance process efficiency. This strategic approach ensures that COS remains at the forefront of the industry, delivering exceptional solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients. Together, we embark on the next chapter of our journey together with excitement and anticipation,” says Cezar Scarlat, Managing Partner and co-founder of SARMIS Capital, COS majority shareholder. 

Active on the local market since 1998, COS [with the initial name Corporate Office Solutions] is the largest integrator of turnkey solutions for interior spaces in Romania and activates across the entire spectrum of relevant segments: offices, industrial spaces (interior fittings within logistics parks and industrial facilities), hospitality, healthcare (interiors for clinics and hospitals) and education. COS has exclusive partnerships in Romania with suppliers such as Steelcase and Interface, international leaders in the furniture segments, respectively solutions for flooring, but also with local manufacturers.


* fit-out = the activity of providing integrated consulting solutions, concept, design, supply and/or production of furniture and complete furnishing of interior spaces.



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