COS Revolutionizes the Local Work Environment with a New, Innovative R&D Workspace in Northern Bucharest: MASIA

Marking 25 years since its launch in 1998, COS, the pioneer of the Romanian fit-out market, announces the premiere launch of a innovative Research & Development (R&D) Center in the Northern area of Bucharest – MASIA.

The new workspace, spanning 2.000 sqm, allows customers to rent workstations for their employees, but also to test innovative work setups before implementing them in their own premises. The launch follows a substantial investment of 1.6 million euro, reinforcing COS's commitment to driving innovation in the industry.

MASIA represents the framework for innovation in business through a visual metaphor to art throughout its inception and display. The space represents the gallery for displaying art. The process for reaching the final product is rooted in hard work, inspiration, emotion, tool development. For COS, MASIA is a strategic leap forward and the result of the company’s efforts to meet the needs of the evolving demands of the design and build market. In the face of transformative factors like the pandemic or the rise in the cost of living, which have profoundly reshaped the landscape of workspaces, COS has proactively adapted to ensure that its solutions align with the emerging trends and requirements of clients.

MASIA workspace includes non-dedicated and dedicated workstations in open space and closed offices with a capacity of 5 to 10 persons based on particular needs and availability. Furthermore, there are plenty of options to choose from should you want to rent an event space. Meeting rooms that can accommodate from 4 to 16 persons, conference rooms and an event area with a capacity of up to 150 persons depending on the room layout. All rooms are equipped with the latest AV technologies & solutions and high standard ergonomic furniture.

COS has significantly expanded its expertise in the last years through strategic investments in a growing portfolio of owned spaces. Today, COS stands at the forefront of workspace design, being the first to introduce a fully human centered design, focusing on people`s wellbeing through interior design, which has proven to be linked with employees’ performance and efficiency. The company also revolutionized the industry’s approach with its TrueFlex design concept, which encompasses flexibility, mobility, and adaptability. MASIA perfectly embodies this philosophy, setting a new standard for ergonomic and dynamic work environments.

➡️ Outstanding #EventsArea with a capacity of up to 120 persons, equipped with the latest technologies & solutions & high standard furniture


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