Crédit Agricole Romania launches a unique lending offer for agriculture

Crédit Agricole Romania announced the launching of the Agriculture business line and its all-inclusive range of services and products. 

Balanced from the perspective of business needs vs lending conditions, the offer of CA Roma-nia is a novelty on the Romanian market and is set to become a reference point for the agricul-ture sector. 

Addressing professional farmers, the financing proposition of CA Romania responds to the needs of farmers in a global approach, balancing their business necessities with the lending period, the type of guarantees and the monthly costs. 

Relying on Group’s CA experience, of over 130 years in financing farmers, we built a unique lending offer that is following the agricultural cycle. As such our portfolio of ten products re-spond to the right need at the right time, timing being essential to the success of a production schedule. 

By accessing one of our short, medium or long term lending solutions, farmers can buy raw materials, purchase equipment and machinery, expend their premises, and buy land or pre finance the APIA subventions. 

“The benefits to farmers are obvious, bringing them lower costs, customized lending solutions, longer lending periods and thus an overall reduced level of financial pressure. We already tested the potential of our agriculture financing offer and we were glad to see the enthusiasm and interest of farmers in regards to our proposal.” concluded Luc Beiso, CEO of Crédit Agricole Romania. 

About Credit Agricole Bank Romania

Credit Agricole Bank Romania is a retail bank offering financial products and services for individual consumers, small and medium enterprises and large corporations. 

We serve our clients through our branches, dedicated SME Business Center and our Corporate Division and our array of services includes: salary package, consumer and housing loans and corporate financ-ing, savings, internet banking, monetary funds transfers and other financial services. 

At Credit Agricole Bank Romania we continue enforcing the high professional standards of the CA Group, making sure that the reputation, quality of products, security of services and orientation toward customers are norms in our daily activity.

About Crédit Agricole Group

The Crédit Agricole Group is the leading partner of the French economy and one of the largest banking groups in Europe. It is the leading retail bank in Europe as well as the first European asset manager, the first bancassurer in Europe and the third European player in project finance.

Built on its strong cooperative and mutual roots, its 40,000 employees and the 31,150 directors of its Local and Regional Banks, the Crédit Agricole Group is a responsible and responsive bank serving 52 million customers, 8.8 million mutual shareholders and million individual shareholders.

Thanks to its universal customer-focused retail banking model – based on the cooperation between its retail banks and their related business lines –, the Crédit Agricole Group supports its customers’ pro-jects in France and around the world: day-to-day banking, home loans, consumer finance, savings, insurances, asset management, real estate, leasing and factoring, and corporate and investment bank-ing.

Crédit Agricole also stands out for its dynamic, innovative corporate social responsibility policy, for the benefit of the economy. This policy is based on a pragmatic approach which permeates across the Group and engages each employee.

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