Digital peace-of-mind by ixodron or how can organizations achieve digital peace-of-mind and IT cost optimization

Can organizations achieve digital peace-of-mind form an IT perspective? The short version of answer is: YES!

But is it difficult? Most of the experts would give you two very inconclusive answers:

- it depends (usually from those who have an MBA)

- it shouldn’t be (most often, from those who do not have technical expertise)

The reality from which we are starting is the following: IT department is no longer a support function inside organizations, but the Department that drives innovation and revenue / profitability growth.

Of course, this new reality comes with new challenges for companies:

- designing complex inter-dependent solutions perfectly tailored to the organization’s business needs

- high initial / CAPEX investment for infrastructure and IT development

- medium- & long-term IT cost control

- ensuring operational continuity and aggressive SLAs in case of failure

- ensuring access to and retaining the costly highly trained experts

So, again, can organizations achieve digital peace-of-mind form an IT perspective?

Yes, ixodron’s IT-as-a-Service proposition called “digital peace-of-mind” allows organizations to simplify IT from a financial, operational, and technical perspective.

What are the key benefits of ixodron’s “digital peace-of-mind” service?

- continuous access to the latest and best IT hardware and software solutions

- eliminate up-front investments and spread the costs of solutions over 1, 3 or 5 years

- access to highly skilled IT experts at a fraction of the cost of hiring them permanently

- down-time reduction and quick interventions in critical situations through SLAs of up to one hour

- solution design and basic training for customer experts are provided free of charge as part of the digital peace-of-mind package

What sets ixodron apart?

Through the “digital peace-of-mind” service, ixodron uses a decision-making framework for IT costs optimization to deliver complete solutions, including flexible financing options and access to highly trained experts:

- business analysis – consultancy, audit, and solution architectures

- project management – equipment supply & implementation of IT infrastructure projects

- managed services – technical support services and IT infrastructure administration

- OPEX-type financing solutions – installment payment for the hardware, software, and services (quarterly invoice for 1, 3 or 5 years)

- training – customized and certified training for Nutanix, Microsoft, Cisco, F5, NetApp, Azure, AWS, cybersecurity COMPTIA, etc.

Promo: depending on the type of project, between the 1st of October 2022 and the 30th of January 2023 we offer a free evaluation of your IT infrastructure!

Want to achieve digital peace-of-mind inside your organization? Contact us: george(@) or 0040726710063 (George Badita).

Company description:

ixodron is an IT&C company dedicated to solving complex business and operational challenges through consulting and solution design, business process services, IT modernization and managed services.

ixodron enables clients and communities to integrate into the digital economy and reap the associated benefits. It’s a journey that we complete together, becoming true partners in the process.

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