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Donate 20% of your profit/income tax! Do good for education!- World Vision Romania

What does 20% of your annual profit/income tax represent?

20% is a tax facility provided to companies and, at the same time, a real help for the vulnerable children in rural areas that World Vision Romania takes care of through their programs.

Redirect the 20% of the company's profit tax at the end of the year, or the income tax during the year, on a quarterly basis! The funds entirely support children in World Vision programs.


Calculate the amount representing 20% of the profit tax and the amount representing 0.75% of the turnover.

The sponsorship granted, limited to the lower of the two calculated above, will be deducted from the tax due.

The amounts that remain undistributed in the fiscal year, as they exceed the minimum limit that is deducted from the profit tax, can be carried forward for the next 7 consecutive years.

The last step: complete the sponsorship contract by the 31st of December 2021.

For more information and in order to download the sponsorship contract, visit World Vision’s dedicated landing page, here: .

About World Vision Romania

World Vision Romania is a non-governmental organization that carries out programs of education, emergency humanitarian intervention, development and advocacy, putting at the center of its activity the welfare of the child.

Word Vision focuses on working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice. They believe in the right to equal opportunities for children in villages and cities, and that is why in rural communities World Vision Romania carries out long-term programs, with a focus on access to quality education and child protection.

Part of the World Vision International partnership, in their 31 years of presence in Romania, World Vision has helped 560,000 children and adults from almost 500 rural communities.

Since 2016, World Vision Romania runs the “Bread and Tomorrow” program, which supports 1280 children from rural areas, grades 0-4 to go to school and offers them a hot meal every day, followed by two hours of help with homework. It is the largest after-school program at the national level.

Since 2008, World Vision runs the “I want in the 9th grade” program, which currently offers scholarships for over 800 pupils from villages to go to high school and invest in their personal development. The baccalaureate pass rate for students in the I want in the 9th grade project is 82%, 20% higher than the national one.


World Vision carries out specific campaigns to collect donations periodically, or in emergency situations: winter shoes, summer camps, Christmas gifts, hygiene kits, food packages, etc., rehabilitates schools in Romanian villages and is holistically involved in the development of communities, in order to support the education of vulnerable children.

World Vision also strives to digitalize education among students and teachers in the villages where they are present, through campaigns and various programs like  “School in a Box” which has over 18,000 children and youngsters as beneficiaries.

Campaign visuals and other material:

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