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We challenged a few artists, on behalf of the children who are in ABA therapy at Autism Voice, to put themselves in their place. Imagine what it would be like to be able to say only the first words these little children learned during therapy hours – 2-3 words.

Their answer? "It’s difficult. It’s very difficult!".

Marius Manole (video)

In a world where being different is not easily tolerated, where the right to education and a happy childhood is stolen from diagnoses of autism that children increasingly receive, we must understand that together, specialists, parents, companies, business owners, society, we must fight for the recovery of our children.

Costel (video)

Children with autism need months or even years of therapy to learn how to speak. For a long time they only have to deal with a word (or two, or three) to express what they want, what they feel, what they need. To get results a child with autism spectrum disorder needs at least 4 hours of therapy a day, every day.

Send the word VOCE to 8844 and donate 2 Euros for the therapy of children with autism.

Let's help them learn as many words together!


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