EASTWARDS PROSPECTUS gallery launched catalogue of celebrated artist Tania Mouraud

EASTWARDS PROSPECTUS gallery launched a Tania Mouraud catalogue during an exclusive event on June 29, in the presence of the celebrated artist. The exhibition is open until the 16th of July 2017.

The launch of the eponymous catalogue dedicated to Tania Mouraud’s OTNOT exhibition at EASTWARDS PROSPECTUS (May - July 2016) was followed by the screening of Once Upon a Time, a video signed by the French artist, part of the group show ′Seeing Ourselves Sensing′, open at the gallery through July 16.

Inspired by the Brothers Grimm tales, Tania Mouraud went into the boreal forest of Canada and forests of France to film Once Upon a Time. The choreography of the moving images, the visual rhythms and the richness of colours provoke a deep emotional impact.

“My works start off very often by simply reading the press. I stumble upon an image that troubles me and it becomes the starting point for a new creation. This also goes

both for some of my photos and for some videos. For instance, “Once Upon a Time” originated in a company magazine: I saw in there an image of a gigantic machine that enveloped the tree trunk, then cutting it into logs. I felt like my own body was being squeezed. I need to have an intimate and emotional connection witha subject in order to approach it.” - TANIA MOURAUD in OTNOT catalogue

Signed copies of Tania Mouraud’s catalogue are available at the gallery (50 Plantelor street, Bucharest).

More information:Tania Mouraud - OTNOT

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