Electric future or mobility and responsibility

Who can imagine life without a car nowadays? These two modern constants, technology and mobility, require us to be permanently connected and informed, and always on the move. Cities have been completely transformed.

Traffic, pollution and noise have intensified, and this makes us ask ourselves if life in the city is possible without sacrificing freedom of movement and comfort. What will the cities of the future look like? How can we ensure a healthy and friendly environment for the new generations? These are important questions and public debate for solutions is under way.

Electric vehicles might be the answer to this issue. Practical and comfortable, they also have other advantages: a low usage cost, a developing charging network, they make very little noise and have autonomy which offers freedom of movement and comfortable trips on any itinerary. There’s no wonder more and more drivers choose this option when they decide to buy a new car, especially since there are options for a wide range of needs.

Groupe Renault boasts with 3 electric models available in Romania. They were developed with next generation technologies, always providing comfort and safety to the clients.

Renault Twizy is an innovating quadricycle, 100% electric, ideal to prove your agility in a big city’s intense traffic. It adjusts to your daily routine and will get you to work or shopping, on small or medium distances.

Renault Zoe is a best seller on its category since it was first launched in Romania. The 300 km autonomy, its impressive design and the experience it gives to the driver are the qualities that make it so popular.

Renault Kangoo Z.E. is the only 100% electric van available in Romania. It is an ideal solution to transport heavy or massive items with 0 emissions and 0 noise. Its 3 available versions allow you to choose the preferred option by taking into consideration what you value the most: volume and recommended load capacity, the sliding side doors option, the partially or completely foldable rear seats option etc.

These models encourage us to state that the future of traffic can only be electric. The process to replace conventional cars will be, maybe, long-lasting, but it is an inevitable change. How long will it last? That depends on each of us.

Rabla Plus program makes our choice easier as we can benefit from lower prices. Developed in order to promote energy-efficient transportation, Rabla Plus – a government program available until November 25 2019 – offers a voucher of up to EUR 9,700 for each newly purchased electric vehicle within the limit of a maximum of 50% of its official price. Also, through the classic Rabla program one can benefit from an additional deduction of EUR 1293 if one scraps a vehicle older than 8 years.

Choosing an electric vehicle is a decision that not only affects the individual, but it is also reflected in the community life, in the health of the people in a city, in the costs of mobility. Just like in the Western-European countries, where the transition to electric vehicles has been in full swing for many years now, it’s up to each of us to help Romania take steps towards eco-friendlier and less polluted cities.

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