Envisia Business School and Bucharest Stock Exchange launch the 4th series of the „Corporate Governance that Creates Value” Program

Envisia Business School and the Bucharest Stock Exchange have joined their expertise in creating Corporate Governance that Creates Value, a unique educational program that aims to professionalize the board member role and promote responsible governance for the capital market.

The program takes place between June and October 2023 and tackles relevant topics for board members and senior professionals that want to develop a broad overview on the company’s operational activities and governance structure, and to gain a deep understanding of its strategic direction and exposure to risk. Upon successful completion of the program, Envisia and the Bucharest Stock Exchange will issue the Diploma of Excellence in Corporate Governance.

Candidates can apply for the program by 9th of June 2023. More information about the program, topics and admission conditions you can find here.


Who should join?

The program is dedicated to all actors in the capital market, companies listed on the stock exchange, companies in the process of listing or interested in it, intermediaries, relevant authorities and organizations, and financial institutions whose activity intersects with the capital market. The program is also useful for organizations interested in implementing best corporate governance practices, as well as entrepreneurial initiatives.

In short, Corporate Governance that Creates Value addresses to:

  • Board Members from listed companies, companies aimed at accessing the capital market, other actors of the capital market
  • Representatives of the executive management/C-level positions: General Managers, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Operating Officers, etc. and any management position that interacts with board directors
  • Advisory Board Members
  • Board members in family entrepreneurial businesses
  • Investors
  • Company General Secretaries
  • Professionals/ Consultants working closely with the boards of big companies and listed companies and that aspire to get a board position: financial analysts, lawyers, tax specialists.
  • Experienced board members wishing to keep up to date with the global and national information and trends needed to fulfil their mandate for this position

What are the program’s benefits?

The program aims to stimulate the competitiveness of boards, promote good business practices, and develop the specific skills and abilities needed by a board member, thus contributing to building and promoting a strong corporate governance culture.

Following the successful completion of the program, participants will develop their portfolio of skills and knowledge necessary for:


  • Understand more clearly of the role and responsibilities of a board director
  • Develop knowledge of the legal basis for corporate governance and the benefits of a strong governance system
  • Understand the relationship between the Board of Directors and the Executive Board, the role of committees at board level and the need to call on internal and external consultants
  • Develop skills for optimal management of dynamics at the board level
  • Update with the latest concerns and topics on the board agenda
  • Learn how to contribute effectively to meetings (simulations of real-life situations)


Radu Hanga, Chair Bucharest Stock Exchange

The Corporate Governance that Creates Value program is part of BVB's strategy to support the education of capital market actors and the business environment. Applying the principles of good governance as simple and intuitive as possible in the interconnected world we live in can generate trust between business partners.

Gabriela Hârțescu, PhD, Dean & COO Envisia Business School

Envisia and the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) have joined forces in a unique educational partnership. It promotes the professionalization of boards of directors and responsible governance. Our goal is to cultivate a business environment that generates long-term economic and social progress.


Program fee: €5,000, VAT applicable

Based on the educational partnership with Bucharest Stock Exchange, partial scholarships are granted as follows:  

  • 500 EUR/participant; special fee: 4,500 EUR / participant + VAT
  • 1,000 EUR/participant; special fee for the enrolment of 2 participants/organization: 4,000 EUR/participant + VAT
  • 1,500 EUR/participant; special fee for the enrolment of min. 3 participants/organization: 3.500 EUR/participant + VAT


More info on how to apply to the program you can find here and about the topics tackled during the program here


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