Envisia Business School Unveils Exclusive Masterclasses: Elevate Your Leadership with International Experts

Envisia launches 3 ground-breaking masterclasses, setting a new standard in the Romanian business education landscape, delivered by Envisia Business School.

In the dynamic world of business, continuous learning and staying ahead of the curve are key factors for success. Envisia Business School has taken a significant leap forward by introducing three masterclasses led by international experts, aimed at equipping leaders with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in today's competitive landscape.

Don't miss the chance to elevate your leadership skills and stay ahead in the dynamic business landscape!


Masterclass 1: Optimising Your Executive Presence - Inspiring, Impacting, and Influencing Others

Led by Laurel Herman, Founder, and CEO of Positive Presence, this masterclass focuses on the invaluable quality of Executive Presence in leadership. Executive Presence plays a pivotal role in enabling leaders to impact, influence, and inspire those around them. Participants will gain essential skills to authentically embody their unique positive presence, aligning with their values. The workshop aims to empower individuals to become inspirational and successful leaders by enhancing their ability to be noticed, heard, respected, and remembered.

The masterclass is led by Laurel Herman, Founder and CEO of Positive Presence, a consultancy for smart business leaders that helps them become exceptional through optimizing their Executive Presence. Laurel is a renowned authority on personal effectiveness, confidence, and presence, an innovator and thought-leader and a regular commentator on working practices and cultures. Laurel Herman is also the author of numerous articles and a definitive book commission by the UK Chartered Institute of Management that sold worldwide. Also, she is the Founder and Chief Ambassador of a charity to gain better employment opportunities for autistic individuals and is the Founder and Chair of an exclusive network for international board-level women.

Learn about the course objectives and how to enrol here


Masterclass 2: Sustainability as Core Value: Implications for Boards and Enterprise Leaders

James McGregor, PhD, a distinguished International Sustainability Consultant and Industry Fellow at the University of Exeter Business School, leads this masterclass. With expertise in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), Sustainable Management Strategies, and Energy Transition, James provides insights tailored for board members, top C-level management, and key decision-makers. The masterclass explores the critical role of sustainability as a core value in modern business, offering practical knowledge for implementing sustainable practices. The course focuses on:

· Global Regulation Preparedness: Understand and prepare for the evolving global regulatory landscape related to sustainability.

· Trends in Sustainable Boards: Gain insights into emerging trends shaping sustainable boards and learn how to integrate sustainable practices into board governance.

· Leading Practices for Corporate Sustainability: Acquire practical strategies and tools to embed sustainability as a core value within your organization. Learn from successful sustainability initiatives derived from real life case studies and discover how to align business goals with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles.

Learn about the course objectives and how to enrol here


Masterclass 3: World Class Leaders: World Class Boards

Professor Andrew Kakabadse, Chairman of the Director's Forum and Professor of Governance and Leadership at Henley Business School - University of Reading, UK, brings a wealth of experience to this masterclass. Ranked in Thinkers50, Professor Kakabadse shares authentic case studies, situations, and experiences, fostering discussions and analyses of real-life scenarios.

The masterclass focuses on the effective governance of private, third, or public sector entities, addressing compliance requirements, risk mitigation, and reputation enhancement. The course focuses on 3 key objectives:

· Understand the Board oversight that makes a difference demands world class leadership from directors.

· How to steward and guide the C Suite and set appropriate performance and ethical standards necessary for superior quality contributions from individuals, teams so that the organization itself makes the difference.

· Continually balancing adaptability under changing market conditions against the diversity necessary for moulding a resilient organisation requires a sharp intellect combined with a penetrating sensitivity toward multiple stakeholders.

Learn about the course objectives and how to enrol here:


Envisia Business School is committed to provide unparalleled educational experiences. The international experts leading these sessions bring a wealth of practical knowledge and experience, ensuring participants gain insights that go beyond theoretical concepts.

For those looking to elevate their leadership skills, these masterclasses provide a unique opportunity to learn from the best in the business. The interactive workshops not only offer valuable insights but also create a platform for networking and collaboration with fellow industry leaders.

Elevate your leadership with Envisia Business School's exclusive masterclasses—where knowledge meets innovation, and leaders are forged for the future. Embrace these transformative learning opportunities and position yourself at the forefront of leadership excellence.

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