Executive MBA – Business for Good, Transformation for Good, Change for Good!

Developing a career is an iterative process involving strategic decisions during your life journey. To answer to this demand coming from those who are looking to boost their careers, business schools came up with tailored solutions proposing Executive MBA programs which offer a flexible solution for professionals and managers. The latest developments in the programmes are mainly focused on a more digital approach that can unlock the intra/entrepreneurial potential and bring an added motivation to professionals to act and take their careers to the next level.

Professor Madalina Meghisan-Toma, Vice-Dean of the Romanian-French INDE EMBA Program hosted by Bucharest Business School of ASE Bucharest emphasizes the following aspects: “The most valuable asset that a company has is represented by its employees. Keeping the best employees in the company is directly linked to a good motivation and, also, to a high performance. Having the chance to enrol in an EMBA program and receiving support from the organization throughout this transformational journey can represent responses to an issue faced by many companies with a high turnover of the personnel, since it increases the loyalty level of the employees and it creates added value by a continuous improvement in their work.  The Romanian-French INDE EMBA program is designed as an ongoing career accelerator, that will help participants improve their skills, gain entrepreneurial knowledge, extend their potential as global leaders, consolidate their professional network and reposition their personal brand.”

Also, an EMBA can boost the confidence of participants and help them stand out in a competitive market place and bring them further support throughout its Alumni network. Mrs. Adela Jansen, Alumna of the Romanian-French INDE EMBA, Board member of the Bucharest Business School, invited professor at BBS and Vice-President of the CCIFER sums up these advantages: “The Romanian-French INDE EMBA program is truly international, due to its partnership with CNAM Paris.  Moreover, the students come from a  vast array of industries, which offers different visions and facilitates an interaction with motivated professionals, middle and top management leaders from many companies and multiple cultural backgrounds. The Romanian-French INDE EMBA Alumni Community is made of more than 1500 people, giving access to participants to a wide business network.”

Associate Professor Vasile Alecsandru Strat, Dean of Bucharest Business School (ASE Bucharest) considers that the executive education should be regarded not just a simple educational program but rather as a true transformational journey. He emphasizes that the Bucharest Business School and its entire community is here to accompany its members for their entire professional path, offering support and opportunities on the long-run. Consequently, he describes the ecosystem created by Bucharest Business School as: “Bucharest Business School is a highly active player on the business education market, trying to enhance the educational programs and the experience provided, by organizing, regularly, a large variety of events, live workshops, trainings, panel discussions, interviews and networking meetings. In this way, the members of the community in general, and our students in particular understand better what it feels like to be part of a community focused on business education. They get to experience and to immerse themselves into what the Romanian-French INDE EMBA Program is all about, namely, Business for Good, Transformation for Good, Change for Good. The participants get a boost of confidence, develop their skills and competences and, more importantly, they understand that they need to be part of defining a sustainable future for their teams and their entire organisation.”

The Romanian–French INDE EMBA program is an international program, entirely taught in English, validated at an academic level by AMBA (Association of MBAs) and ARACIS (National Council for Evaluation and Accreditation). The graduates of the Romanian–French INDE EMBA Program obtain a double certification: Diploma of EMBA: Master in Business Administration, awarded by CNAM Paris and a Diploma of Master: Romanian-French MBA, awarded by ASE Bucharest. The program is probably the oldest alternative on the Romanian education market, being started as a joint program by le CNAM and ASE in 1991. It provides a balanced mix between local expertise and the French way of doing business. The community of the program is constantly growing and brings together over 1500 professionals, active in the regional business environment. Each year a group of changemakers starts their transformational experience and embarks into a challenging but rewarding journey. More information about Bucharest Business School and the INDE Executive MBA can be found online at or at colleagues who are members of the Alumni community!

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