Feli sings at Balul Bucuriei 2022 for children supported by Autism Voice

The generosity and support of children with autism are celebrated annually at Balul Bucuriei, a philanthropic event with tradition in Bucharest, to which this year Feli and Autism Voice invite companies and the general public. An autistic child needs thousands of years of therapy, because that's the only way he can hope for a proper adult life. For over 14 years, annually, over 400 children and families find support at the Autism Voice Association with the help of the multidisciplinary team and top recovery programs.

"14 years ago, few people really understood the drama of families receiving the diagnosis of autism. Today it is much better known that any child with autism, if given a lot of therapy and long-term support, can have a real chance at a functional life. We only work with internationally trained specialists, so we need financial support to be able to offer more services for free or at minimal cost and to develop new projects, such as the Autism Voice Institute, which we are now working hard for and dedicated to the 2022 edition of Balul Bucuriei", says Anca Dumitrescu, President of Autism Voice.

Balul Bucuriei, the 7th edition, New Moon, will take place on September 15, 2022, starting at 6:30 p.m., at CARO Hotel in Bucharest. Autism Voice welcomes its supporters, and the program of the evening will be moderated by the good deeds influencer Eli Neicuț and the digital creator Andreea Irimia (Think Healthy). It is the place where generous people meet annually, representing socially involved companies, public figures, and the general public who have chosen to get involved in supporting children. Feli and her band will treat the audience with nationally loved choruses, then the evening will continue with the renowned violinist Graziella and a special wine auction offered by internationally awarded Romanian wineries, presented by Florin Voica, President of the Association of Romanian Sommeliers.

"I am with Autism Voice because even the little ones with autism in Romania deserve the chance to have a beautiful life, like any other child. I believe in the power of specialists to work together with families to make miracles for children in need, and what does Autism Voice constantly amazes me. I would like to invite you to this edition of the Ball, because it is a really special event after the pandemic years. I am very happy that I will have the pleasure of performing live in front of those who donate to the mental health of children from Romania", Feli declares.

In the last seven years, the Balul Bucuriei has managed to generate over 150,000 euros for the therapy of hundreds of children and young people with autism supported by Autism Voice, money donated wholeheartedly by companies and people from the business environment in Bucharest and its surroundings. The funds are invested in recovery programs, counseling, school integration and social awareness, for families from all over the country with neuro-psychologically affected children.

Any help is welcome for children and young people with autism, who through therapy and appropriate support can become an active part of Romanian society. More details about the Balul Bucuriei and tickets can be found here.

The 2022 Balul Bucuriei is possible thanks to the partners Backstage Production Group, Sommelier Association of Romania, Tucano Coffee Madagascar, Dynamic Business Connections,, and sponsors Kaufland Romania, TPA Group, Nhood Romania, EDCG Romania, Wemat Global, MPR Partners, Trusted Advisors, REI Group, Everience Romania and Best Print.

Contact person:

Nicoleta M. Orlea

Director of Fundraising

T: 0751 278 391

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About Autism Voice 

Autism Voice Association, founded in 2008, is the first association specialized in the recovery of children with autism that introduced in Romania the possibility of specialized ABA training for therapists. For 14 years, within Autism Voice, the most complex recovery programs for children with autism have been applied, in centers or at home, and 87% of the children in recovery are included in social and school programs. The association has two therapy centers where 400 children with disorders benefit annually from recovery services based on the principles of applied behavioral analysis, an approach with scientifically proven results worldwide.

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