For the first time on the Romanian market, Sodexo is launching the innovative benefits packages ‘Gusto Pass Plus de Sanatate’ and ‘Gusto Pass Plus de Echilibru’, which include telemedicine and healthy lifestyle counseling services

  • 20 medical specialties, available 24/7 via phone, mobile app, or web portal
  • The new concept of benefits packages offers lab results interpretations, nutritional consulting, and monitoring of nutritive behavior
  • 70% of medical visits can be replaced with telemedicine services, according to data from the American Medical Association, quoted in the study "Market study on telemedicine" conducted by the European Commission in 2018


Bucharest, March 14th, 2022 – Sodexo Romania, the market leader in the extra-salary benefits and rewards services sector for improving employees’ quality of life, is launching two new innovative extra salary benefits packages: Gusto Pass Plus de Sanatate and Gusto Pass Plus de Echilibru. In addition to the amounts dedicated to daily meals, the new packages offer the users access to telemedicine services, nutritional consulting, stress management services, encouraging a healthy lifestyle, and ensuring the increase of the quality of life for the employees.

The new packages complete the already existing meal card Gusto Pass, with extra services, as follows: Gusto Pass Plus de Sanatate offers, alongside the meal card, telemedicine and nutritional consulting services, and Gusto Pass Plus de Echilibru brings, alongside the two former mentioned well-being services. The two packages will be available for employers, pre-existent, as well as for those who wish to offer benefits to employees from now on, starting 14th March.

“These packages are unique on the Romanian market, through their simplicity. The meal card offers access to several services of various categories, all of which consider the quality of life and well-being. We have built these personalized offers, with medical services, preventative medicine, and healthy lifestyle, based on studies and market research, to respond to employees’ real wishes and needs in Romania, as well as those of employers, following global tendencies of increasingly higher preoccupations towards people’s well-being. These come to sustain our mission and improve Romanian employees’ quality of life and we wish for them to have a significant positive impact on the employees’ and their families’ lifestyle,” stated Manuel Fernandez Amezaga, Country CEO, Sodexo Romania&Bulgaria.

70% of medical visits can be replaced with telemedicine services, according to data from the American Medical Association, quoted in the study "Market study on telemedicine" conducted by the European Commission in 2018

The Gusto Pass Plus de Sanatate package includes multiple medical specialties, which can be accessed in the telemedicine system, 24/7: general medicine, dentistry, pediatrics, internal medicine, gynecology, psychiatry, dermatology, cardiology, urology, general psychology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, rheumatology, nephrology, nutrition and diet, kinesiotherapy. Regarding the Gusto Pass Plus de Echilibru packages, these include, besides the telemedicine mentioned above, general nutrition consultations, psychonutrition, psychology and stress management, sleep disorders, personalized therapy programs.

The advantages telemedicine services offer to users are rapidity, ease, and accessibility in gaining medical services, such as medical referrals, prescriptions, investigations recommendations, soliciting a second opinion on an analysis set, investigations, or existing medical reports. These services are available for family members of employees who benefit from Sodexo services, under the same program, 24/7, 365 days a year. For first-degree relatives services are offered free of charge.

“Companies can choose for their employees one of the two benefits packages that add to the meal card to bring more value in the life of employees, to value them. There are moments when employees treasure most the feeling of security, relationships, and personal development and this is exactly why these services complete our portfolio and align with global tendencies. Gusto Pass Plus de Sanatate şi Gusto Pass Plus de Echilibru are more than meal cards, they bring personalized diet programs, health, and well-being maintenance, to educate employers and employees towards a healthier lifestyle”, stated Daniela Coman, Product Manager, Sodexo Romania.

Telemedicine includes a variety of instruments and platforms that allows doctors to connect with their patients long-distance, as well as amongst themselves. Accessing the services included in the newly developed packages is done by phone or online, based on the data on the meal card. The services can be performed by phone, having a response time of a few seconds, online on the portal, or by programmed video consultations.

Sodexo’s Romania partner for telemedicine and well-being services is Telios Care. The company is a pioneer on the telemedicine market in Romania, with a team comprised of primary doctors and specialized doctors, medical doctors, teaching staff, academic staff, part of them having multiple specializations and competencies. The team’s professional experience includes work in state hospitals, as well as in private practices, within the country and abroad and, most recently, long-distance medical consulting, through telemedicine. Details on the medical team here:



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Sodexo Benefits and Reward Services is a market leader in Romania in salary benefits towards bettering the employees’ life quality and is part of Sodexo Group, the world leader in life quality services. The company has been operating on the Romanian market for over 20 years, offering companies a complex range of benefits for employees. Over 30,000 companies and 2 million employees are already using Sodexo products.

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