GEFCO Romania registers the largest turnover growth ratio in the last five years

The Romanian subsidiary of the GEFCO Group and a top player on the global and local industrial logistics market registers the largest turnover growth ratio in the last five years. GEFCO Romania reported a turnover of 64 million Euros for 2015, an increase of 23% compared to 2014. “In 2015, GEFCO Romania offer proved to be well aligned with the international customer’s needs - the optimization of the transport flows through alternative solutions and a switch from local purchasing to a regional or even international approach. The fact that this achievement did not come at the price of quality of service, is furthermore reason testament to my team’s great work.” stated Jérôme Chevrolet, Managing Director of the Romanian subsidiary.

GEFCO Romania, building on past successes

In 11 years since its local inception, the Romanian subsidiary of GEFCO Group has grown continuously into an organization that today has over 116 employees and a registered turnover of 64 million euros, an increase compared to the amount of nearly 52 million recorded in 2014. 

The company owes part of its successful results to the well planned and implemented optimizations process that all of the companies transport flows underwent in 2015. „There was an increase in the number of carriers we collaborate with and all the while partnerships with other GEFCO subsidiaries were strengthened and leveraged to help grow the business”, Jérôme Chevrolet added. 

On the driving edge of performance in the logistics sector

In 2015, the Finished Vehicles Logistics activity, GEFCO’s core competence, reported an important increase, surpassing the impressive results of 2014 and amounting to the total transportation of 160,000 vehicles. This business line serves vehicles manufacturers, as well as car importers and distributors, offering a wide range of solutions, from simple transport schemes to optimized multimodal solutions. For the Romanian subsidiary, 2015 meant growth in all sectors of activity and alongside Finished Vehicles Logistics, an important driver of revenue growth were also door-to-door air and sea transport solutions. 

Starting with 2015, the company has three centers in Romania, securing, alongside Arad and Bucharest, another point of operations in Bacau as a result of the collaboration with a local partner. This made operations in the eastern part of Romania easier to manage in an effective manner all the while serving as a bridge to future business conducted in the Republic of Moldova. 

GEFCO Romania consolidated its position as the 2nd biggest logistics operator by turnover and one of the most important suppliers for the local automotive industry, offering a 360° supply chain expertise to its over 300 customers. The company both profited and contributed to the national economic growth fueling all industries in Romania in 2015 and contributing to the consolidation of the countries position as a regional technological and economic hub.

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