IDnow group is pleased to announce that it has received the approval of the Authority for the Digitalization of Romania for its AutoIdent+QES Service

Bucarest, july 11th 2022 - ARIADNEXT by IDnow, a European leader in identity proofing and digital identity, has obtained the Romanian Digitization Authority (ADR) approval for its AutoIdent+QES service. The solution was recognized compliant with the ADR remote identification standard that will come into force on July 22th of 2022.

Romania at the forefront of fully digital and secure onboarding

The ongoing digitization of activities was tremendously accelerated by the Covid pandemic to the point where, in the bank sector for example, 21 % of Europeans never go to a bank and carry out all of their banking activities remotely. The shift to all things digital is booming and, to follow this societal demand, States and Regulators must offer a legal framework to ensure the quality and security necessary to all parties. In the case of sensitive sectors such as Financial services who are prone to anti-money laundering and fraud, Europe has implemented the AML European Directive which imposes these sectors strict onboarding rules to prevent these risks, specifically during the sensitive onboarding process (KYC – know your customer), when Fraud can occur.

In 2019, Romania transposed the 4th Anti-money laundering (AML) European Directive by Law 129/2019, supplemented by Ministry Order n°102/2020, thus regulating the KYC process in case of remote identification. It stipulates that companies who wish to identify their customers remotely would be required to use digital solutions certified by the Authority for the Digitalization of Romania. This new authority, whose role is to carry out and coordinate digital transformation in Romania, was created and published its standard regarding the regulation, recognition, approval or acceptance of the procedure of remote identification of the person by video means in the Official Gazette of Romania under the number 1119 on November 24, 2021.

This standard requires that, starting july 22 2022, service providers that wish to carry out their remote video identification solutions in Romania have to comply with video identification rules, be registered in Romania and have obtained the approval issued by the Romanian Digitization Authority.

The IDnow group solution AutoIdent+QES, eIDAS certified by TÜV in Italy was approved by the Romanian Authority as it recognizes European level certifications.

What are the ADR requirements for service providers ?

Service providers following the ADR certification must answer strict requirements, aligned with EU expectations in the fight against money laundering and the fight against fraud, but they must also guarantee banks and financial institutions that customers will go through a smooth

100% digital experience. To fulfill these challenges, the ADR includes numerous requirements for Remote ID verification providers. They must first provide a conformity assessment report in accordance with the provisions of the eIDAS regulation. They are also required to present the minimum technical and security requirements as a form of "electronic identification" as defined by the eIDAS Regulation. Thirdly, they must be compliant with ETSI standards TS 119 461 and finally, have their information security management system (ISMS) implementation ISO 27001 certified.

How does AutoIdent+QES full remote onboarding solution work?

IDnow AutoIdent+QES is a 100% eKYC end-to-end onboarding solution, offering a hybrid identity verification solution compliant with the AML-CFT Directive, completed by a qualified electronic signature according to eIDAS. The whole onboarding process lasts less than 10 minutes in 80% of the cases. First, the user goes through the automatic step of the solution by taking a photo and a video of their ID document. The user then takes a video of himself; the solution compares the photo of the ID document with a photo extracted from the liveness video, to ensure that the person behind the camera is the real holder of the document. The last step of the process for the end-user is to go through the electronic signature of a document thanks to one time password (OTP).

Meanwhile, the solution checks the ID document is authentic thanks to automatic and manual security checks (OCR…) and that the person is alive. Once the checks are done, the identification is either validated, along with the associated certificate, or rejected as well as its invalidated certificate.

How will the ADR certification impact Financial Services and end customers?

Financial institutions can fulfill customers expectations with offering a full secure digital onboarding experience, like Online Account Opening (OAO) and Online Contract Signing, guaranteeing a higher level of security to all parties thanks to ADR approval. Indeed, the identification services certified by ADR bring the same level of trust as a face-to-face identification.

Digitization is moving fast and customers expectations for digital and trusted identification must be provided to enable this new way of doing business. IDnow group is the most advanced player in this domain as we already have an ADR-ready solution when dealing with QES, and we have pushed a stand-alone identification service for certification as well, based on our recent ETSI TS 119-461 certification. As of today, we can answer the market’s needs for certified solutions. Romania is at the forefront of Europe’s ambitions and we can proudly say that ARIADNEXT by IDnow follows its ambition to be the leader in delivering trusted identification solutions across Europe” says Bertrand Bouteloup, Deputy General Manager of ARIADNEXT by IDnow.




To learn more about the new legislation on remote identification and how it will change the way customers will benefit from 100% online financial services, join us on Wednesday July 20, 2022 starting at 11.00 AM for the webinar “The Future of Remote Identification”, hosted by Bertrand Bouteloup, Deputy General Manager of ARIADNEXT by IDnow and Octavian Oprea, Vice-President of The Authority for the Digitalization of Romania


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