Medicover expands its national network

Medicover, one of the most important private healthcare operators in Romania, opens a new multidisciplinary clinic in Galati, following a 700,000 euro investment. The clinic provides patients with over 30 medical specialties and ultramodern departments for paediatrics, cardiology, gynaecology, gastroenterology and proctology. Furthermore, the Medicover Galati clinic includes an accredited centre for international vaccinations, as well as a medical rehabilitation centre for adults and children.

The new Medicover Galati clinic offers access to over 30 medical specialties at Swedish standards, including Paediatrics, Cardiology, Gynaecology, Gastroenterology, Proctology, General Surgery, Physical Medicine and Medical Rehabilitation. The clinic is situated on Tineretului Street, near Piata Energiei, and involved an investment of about 700,000 euros.

Facilities offered by the new clinic include, among others, an accredited centre for international vaccinations, an ultramodern gynaecology department which can perform colposcopies, specific interventions and ultrasounds, 3D and 4D foetal morphology ultrasounds with matrix probe, as well as a complex cardiology department that performs effort tests, echocardiographs and blood pressure monitoring. Furthermore, Medicover Galati has a specialized Medical Rehabilitation centre, for both adults and children, offering therapies to correct musculoskeletal conditions, medical exercise for muscle toning and development, electrotherapy, laser therapy, ultrasound, extracorporeal shock waves therapy, galvanic baths, thermotherapy, physical therapy.

"We continue to implement the strategy of expanding the Medicover Romania network through the new multidisciplinary clinic in Galati, a step which grows our “map” to eight cities", said Adrian Peake, General Manager of Medicover Romania. "Medicover Galati provides medical services at the highest quality level and we are confident that it will become a reference point in the sector, for the entire region."

Currently, the team of experienced professionals at the Medicover Galati clinic brings together 40 doctors and will continue to expand. Like all the centers in the Medicover network, the clinic in Galati meets the highest international quality standards and is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.

Just last month, Medicover Romania launched a new multidisciplinary clinic in Brasov, which is the only private medical unit in the town that can provide bronchoscopy investigations, dedicated to the diagnosis and monitoring of respiratory and lung diseases. Medicover Brasov clinic covers over 15 medical specialties, with an ultramodern cardiology department and an accredited centre for international vaccinations. 


About Medicover

Medicover Group is one of the largest private healthcare services providers in Central and Eastern Europe and offers integrated medical services to patients from 14 countries (Romania, Poland, Sweden, Turkey, Hungary, Germany, Great Britain, Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria, Serbia, Georgia, Moldova, Russia), with 100 Medicover clinics, 80 laboratories, 300 collection points, over 6.5 million patients annually and over 12,000 employees.


Sabina Emilia Pometcu Ursu, Head of Marketing and Communications



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