Metod DI BATISTA, SLOMAN, Slovenia

In his nearly 40 year, professional career, he has worked in the field of roads as well as on large infrastructural and other projects. Among other things, he was an early member of Management Board of the Motorway Company in the Republic of Slovenia (DARS d.d.), responsible for the technical preparation and execution of the works. For 10 years he has led the largest engineering company in Slovenia, DDC d.o.o.

He has participated in the planning and construction of all motorway sections in Slovenia since 1970, in the length of over 600 km. He has worked on all areas in the investment process such as: planning, design, acquisition of land for new constructions, tendering procedures for the constructions, constructions and maintenance of roads built.

He has worked also on the construction, investment and other regular maintenance of state roads especially in the phase of planning of the actions. State road network consisted of over 6000 km.

As the CEO of an engineering company DDC d.o.o. he has also been involved in construction of residential and commercial facilities and other infrastructural facilities (railways, water, energy).

He has been chairman of the National Committee of the World Association PIARC and president of the Association of Consulting Engineering at the Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia. He has also participated in other professional organizations at home and abroad and produced several scientific papers and articles.

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