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This year, MMM Consulting company (shortly MMM) ages 15 years of life in the Romanian market. A visionary presence demonstrating perseverance, quality and dedication to growing the business performance of corporate customers. In 15 years, many companies and many more of their employees enjoyed development opportunities by participating in training, coaching and consulting programs of MMM.

Mrs. Madi Radulescu, company founder and General Manager shares with us from company history, challenges, successes and aspirations for the following ...15 years.

MMM set up and motivation 

On July 11th, 2002, Madi Radulescu should have been attending the graduation ceremony of the MBA program from Warwick University UK. Actually, she did not make it for a …better reason. Her daughter Adina, was born! She decided than to set up her own consulting company and to follow her dream and values. The first company motto was: „Your personal management consultant”. This belief applied in practice for 15 years since than created truly the difference in front of the customers. Even if this motto was not all the time promoted (later on another one was adopted, also very motivating for the team: ‘Learning Architects’), the first one continued to shadow MMM and guided its work with the customers. 

MMM Business and team evolution in 15 years  

Shortly after setting up, in 2003, Madi started to work in Bulgaria (following her husband who relocated for career purposes) with multinational companies tailoring and putting her ideas into practice. Development projects for COLLIERS Bulgaria and Serbia and for CEFIN GROUP in Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Italy were the first performed by Madi. In 15 years of company life, Madi with her team, worked for corporate clients in 15 countries. A lot of travel took place, many wonderful people were met and a lot of learning was achieved! 

Returning to Romania, Madi added the first person to her team. Together with her, extraordinary projects were implemented in the first 5 years. 

After another year, based on constant requests from customers, the team became bigger. Viviana Andone, prominent member of the team came close to Madi and MMM. Viviana is still in the company since then.  Madi empowered Viviana with one of the most important projects of that time: CEFIN Academy - Fondazione Leonardo. Also, in that period, Diana Voicu joined the team, another very important MMM member. Diana is also part of the team today. Madi wanted a certain profile for the team members: people with ambition and creativity, with love for knowledge and learning. These people inspired company’s customers and created together with them great projects that took their businesses and MMM’s further. 

Today the team has 6 people who work constantly as well as a short number of closed collaborators. MMM trusts them and they trust MMM for a relationship of productivity and success! Their special competences make them suitable for creative learning projects in areas like: Management and Leadership Development, Marketing, Finance and HR. All of them are Trainers, Facilitators and some of them ICF certified Coaches. MMM fingerprint requests from all of them high professionalism, dedication, creativity and innovation. 

Overcoming successfully the economic crisis in 2009

MMM achieved strategic partnerships with important international companies such as Persona Global, US and PerformanSe France. These companies shared with MMM their professional tools for business competencies evaluation and since than these have constantly been integrated in MMM projects. „Flagship” program, TOT by MMM successfully trains trainers for 10 years now. More than 1.300 de participants graduated equipped with skills that brought to them success and professional validation. MMM’s key to success was the strong desire to continue to exist in the market. The team firmly continued to approach its customers with ’Your personal management consultant’ attitude, supporting them to overcome the economic crisis. MMM successfully passed over the crisis together with them.    

Perspectives for the following 15 years

In 2010, Madi started to involve in professional Coaching, adhering to international ICF and EMCC standards. In 2014, MMM became the first Romanian consulting company certified as ‘Investors in People’, Bronze. In 15 years of life, MMM consolidated its results and is adjusting to a mature market where customers request more from their partners. Therefore, pragmatism and creativity will be at the basis of MMM’s business approach. The team includes now senior consultants which can approach almost any development subject. Face to face with its customers, the MMM Consultant starts from an ‘empty page’, listens to them and only after their professional competencies come to action to create something special and differentiating for both sides. Applied creativity and ideas that can immediately relate to concrete results are preference of MMM Consultants in each project.

To be in the top of companies in the consulting market does not necessarily mean that one company needs to have a big yearly revenue. MMM decided to stay a special company showing strong originality and impact. In 2018, after 15 years since it was born, MMM’s visions is anchored in reality and has a perspective for future that is touched by humanism, aiming to become ‘Architect of the future! 

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