NECESSITY FUND for diminishing the pressure against the health system

Fundatia Inovatii Sociale Regina Maria launched the Necessity Fund for diminishing the pressure against the health system and sustain the doctors and nurses’ activities from our two policlinics which support the chronic patients from vulnerable categories.

Sala Palatului policlinic and Baba Novac policlinic from Bucharest are opened for our chronic patients from vulnerable categories which are in need now of our support to relieve the hospitals which are fighting against the COVID-19 epidemy.

#NecessityFund: RO70RZBR0000060012785673

SMS at 8844 with the text SOARTA for 2 Euro/lunar

The raised funds will be used at immediate support of patients from vulnerable communities and of these ones which are crowding the state hospitals emergency rooms or the Ambulance Services for consultations which can be made in policlinics as well.

In Social Policlinic Baba Novac, the medical staff will make sure that the uninsured patients – chronically ill or with degree of risk – drugs/medicaments and everything that is required from medical point of view for a minimum of 2 months, in order to limit the travel to the doctor, ensuring that all of them are isolated, but in a general state of stable health.

In the same time, medical staff present here will ensure phone support and will order their presence at the Policlinic only in emergency situations, with other symptoms that the respiratory ones, in order to avoid unnecessary calls at the Ambulance, show up at the emergency rooms or in the ambulance section for consultations of the state hospitals.

At Policlinica Sala Palatului we are offering general medical services for elderly people and all the chronic patients which are in need of mandatory periodical check ups in conditions of maximum precaution, with a minimum risk of getting sick, offering to those patients the possibility to avoid the crowd from emergency rooms of the state hospitals and diminishing directly the pressure on the medical state system.

Here is offering the mobile triage and medical advice as well by phone for elderly people and chronic patients by doctors from Sala Palatului Policlinics in order to limit their travel outside their homes.


  • Medicaments, laboratory tests and consultations for the social patients uninsured.
  • Protection equipment for medical staff from policlinics, which will be directly exposed to the virus and are in need to renew the protection equipment at each of the interaction with the patient: gowns, sterile gloves, masks, protection glasses, disinfectants, etcetera.
  • Sustaining the whole medical activities in policlinics
  • Insure the access to free medical advice by phone

All the above with the purpose of undertaking of the highest number of patients directly in the policlinics as well by phone.

 “In these intense times and full of challenges, our Foundation is making everything possible as usual to be as useful as possible. We are here, ready to help! Our policlinics are opened, our medical staff is ready!

With all the measure we are taking and we will continue to take, we are trying to diminish as much as we can the pressure on the sanitary state system, using intensively our whole expertise of more than 10 years in the medical field, coming this way towards our patients, as well to others which need us in these times. ”

Cristiana Mateoiu, Executive Director

Policlinica Socială Baba Novac

Str. Dristorului nr.81-88, Sector 3, București

Policlinica Sociala Sala Palatului

Str.Ion Câmpineanu nr.23, Sector 1, București


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