Noblesse Palace - Lifestyle Palace launches the latest luxury fair concept

Between the 22nd of September and the 23rd of December 2016, Noblesse Palace invites you to a series of special events: Noblesse Palace Luxury Fairs. Famous luxury brands will showcase their products and services in an imposing building, located on a small street right in the lively center of Bucharest.

Inside Noblesse Palace you will discover a unique atmosphere, next to works of art and design. Together with our partners we will offer you moments of inspiration in terms of design, arts, fashion, beauty, technology, defining real references for an exclusivist lifestyle. In rooms decorated in various stiles such as classic, eclectic, luxurious or industrial design, luxury brands will offer you a unique experience, memorabilia that will impress the audience and will be out of the box.

For either three or seven days, Noblesse Palace will showcase elegance, style, comfort and elegance, essential elements for people who live by these values.


The fairs’ calendar is the following: 

Luxury Lifestyle Fair: September 22-24th 

Noble Drinks Fair: October 13-15th 

Exclusive Beauty & Fashion: October 20-22nd 

Wedding Extravaganza Fair: November 3-5th 

Jewels & Watches Fair: November 17-19th 

Noblesse Palace Christmas Fair: December 17-23rd 

The visiting hours for each of the three fair days are between 10:00 and 22:00, and every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening, starting with 19:00, the guests can enjoy the following special moments:

Every Thursday: Opening event, Introducing the exhibitors & Cocktail Party

Every Friday: Speech Special Guest & Cocktail Party

Every Saturday: Artistic Moment & Cocktail Party

Access to the luxury fairs is ticket based. The price of a ticket is 70 RON/guest/fair. 

“Add value to your lifestyle” is the motto defining the activities of all Noblesse Group brands, which are active in the creative and cultural industries, promoting a valuable lifestyle.  

Noblesse Group consists of the brands Noblesse Interiors- furniture and luxury decorations showrooms, Noblesse Academy- development through art, the interior design and architecture office Studio Insign, the Cultural Association Noblesse and Lifestyle Palace – Noblesse Palace. The main headquarter of this group of companies is Noblesse Palace, a heritage building built in 1881 by the architect Alexandru Savulescu in an eclectic style, located on Sfintilor Street, no. 7. From 1903 until the’50s, the building was owned by the banker Leonid Berkovitz, and later came into the possession of the Communist Party and became the “Cercul Pionierilor si Soimilor Patriei”, Sectorul 2. Taken back by the legal heirs, the building was then sold to a new owner, and finally ended up being owned by a bank. For more than 20 years it was abandoned, with time leaving deep marks on it, but in 2012 Noblesse Group bought it and restored it completely, giving back its beauty and elegance, and becoming a unique center in Europe.

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