Passe par Nous Association

PASsE-Par-Nous is a wordplay between an acronym and a very well-known classical character in the universal literature, Passepartout. To us, PASsE stands for Philia, Agape, Storge and Eros, the four types of love in Greek language, because we truly believe that only through love, which is created in us and constantly flows through us, we can bring balance and normality in society and we can truly evolve. 

We are operating on three strategic directions, education, health and culture, in which we plan to implement new systems, correct ones, which would replace the existent obsolete ones and scale them for the benefit of the entire society. 

Vision – Why? - We believe we can bring normality and balance in society, by bridging the gap between love and evolution.

Mission – How? – By developing projects and programs meant to develop new systems and paradigms in education, health and culture.

Results – What? – The main results of the organisation’s activity will be new models. Our strategic objectives are to create a new alternative educational model, that would assist a person in their educational experience from birth to 18 years old, to change and implement a new infectious disease management system in Romania and to create a new system, with new benchmarks, in culture, to re-establish the link between all current generations with our Romanian national identity. 

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