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PROJECT MANAGER (PM) – International Markets

The International Markets Project Manager is an essential member of MASTERBUILD. He/ She will lead the international projects development strategy and will hold full responsibility regarding the projects implementation and successful completion.


Business Development




Identifies opportunities for new projects development


Regular monitoring of specialized on-line platforms for new projects identification.

Develops and sends for approval new projects opportunities, according to a pre-established algorithm and by adding own analysis elements, to help agreeing on an informed decision. He/She is part of the decision team responsible for advancing the projects to the tendering phase; he/she supports the activity of the above mentioned team.

Permanently develops algorithms and sources for identifying new projects.

Monitors and delivers early updates regarding the potential of geographical spaces and financing institutions of interest.

Develops commercial offers


Leads/ is active part of the external projects commercial team/ internal projects requiring at least an external resource.

Offers team support by delivering: analyses and brief information data sheet, communication, including with Beneficiary bodies / institutions, contracting authorities, financiers, etc.

Is in charge with planning the activity of the rest of the team members, integration and correction of their contributions, verification of the commercial offer in various stages, delivering the offer to the Beneficiary and follow – up on the offer.

Projects implementation

Is part of the support / back office team for the implementation of all external proiects / internal projects requiring at least an external resource.

Responsible for the communication flow with the bodies /institutions/ persons holding varous roles in the project: Beneficiary, contracting authority, financier, controller, auditor, etc.

Offers administrative and operational support for preparation of the external meetings/ business travelling.

Know-how and  Networking

Knows all details regarding the objectives, working methodology, priorities, organization, main responsible persons for the external projects that will become opportunities for the company/ for partnership.

Participates at courses and relevant events. Develops business relations, strictly under the framework allowed by every organization/ entity.

Proposes the organization of relevant events / activities relevant for increasing the company / partnership visibility. Creates and facilitates the development of relevant content for these.

Develops external partnerships with multinational / international entities and facilitates the activites of the company/ of the established partnership in a multi-cultural and multi-lingual environment.

Supports elaboration of strategies for coordinating the process of international development of the company/ of the established partnership.

Best practices and organizational development

Acquires and promotes best international practices at organizational level.

Contributes to the development of new competencies in the organization, to satisfy the highest professional standards required in the international projects.

Relates at all levels in the company, accesses any resources to apply the strategy and management of an external project.





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