Rebengiuc's testament: not time solves the problems, but the people

A social campaign run by Hope and Homes for Children with the purpose of raising funds needed to close down the orphanages in Romania

The actor Victor Rebengiuc joins the efforts of over 21 years

of Hope and Homes for Children Foundation, through a campaign

dedicated to the most vulnerable children of Romania. The video spot that

conveys the emotional message of the famous actor it is an initiative of

of Papaya Advertising and carries Robert Tiderle’s creative signature.

Between September and December 2019, Hope and Homes for Children Romania will run a large fundraising campaign dedicated to the deinstitutionalisation project. Supporters can donate 2 Euro per month by sending the text HOPE to 8844, to support deinstitutionalization process, started by the Foundation more than 21 years ago, when in the orphanages of Romania there were over 100,000 children. Today, in the orphanages in Romania there are over 6,000 children, and Hope and Homes for Children focuses on closing all old institutions by 2027 and replacing the institutional system of child protection with a system based on the family concept.

The social campaign carries the message "Rebengiuc’s Testament: Not time solves the problems, but the people" ( The scenario is an exciting one, about social responsibility and care for our neighbors, about the common duty that our society should have towards "nobody's children": "I am old. I don't have much time left. But not time solves the problems. Only people can do that. You, ”he says, reminding us that it is up to each of us to change the world we live in.

You can support Hope and Home for Children’s efforts by redirecting 20% of the profit tax, so children no longer suffer the nightmare of institutionalization.

For more information:

Nicoleta Marcu, Hope and Homes for Children România, tel. 0721 245 438,
email nicoleta(@)


About Hope and Homes for Children

Hope and Homes for Children has been operating in Romania since 1998 and it has contributed directly or indirectly to the closure of 58 orphanages, while another 10 are being closed. Through the services developed by Hope and Homes for Children, children move from care in large and cold institutions where they do not receive individual attention and affection, to systems based on the family concept, which allow them a life close to normal. Through the efforts of the Foundation and its partners, 5,810 children were removed from orphanages, and another 455 are about to leave orphanages that are being closed.

At the same time, the Foundation works intensively to prevent the separation of the child from the family, intervening with the necessary means to support families where the risk of abandoning the children is high. Thus, 31,580 children were rescued from family breakdown, 1,168 young people were supported for independent living, 1,964 children were admitted to day centers.

So far, 54,974 children have benefited from Hope and Homes for Children’s services, whose goal is to eliminate the institutionalization of children in our country by 2027. More information at

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