Royal Warrant Holders Association of Romania, Award of Excellence for Confident Communications&Venus Five

Confident Communications, Romanian B2B PR boutique and Venus Five, the agency’s photo studio, won the Award of Excellence “for good practices and high standards in relationship with both business partners and Romanian consumers”, granted by the Royal Warrant Holders Association of Romania, during the annual Gala that was held on May 11th. 

The event was attended by Her Royal Highness Princess Elena and His Excellency Alexander Nixon, Mr. Andrew Popper - Head of the Romanian Royal House, Mr. Ion Tucă - Director of the Royal House, and in the presence of companies that were awarded the “Royal Warrant Holder” distinction – members and non-members of the Association.

The nomination for Confident Communications & Venus Five was made by DentalMed Luxury Clinic, validated and approved by the Board of the Association. 

”In 2013, DentalMed Luxury Clinic received the highest distinction for dental services, based on the recommendation made to his Majesty and the Royal Family by the special committee of experts. Since then, we are actively involved in supporting the Royal Warrant Holders community. We consider that it is the duty of each member to support the development of the association, by recommending new companies committed to high standards in providing services and products, and by getting involved in high impact projects, following the model of all the other countries where the concept of ‘Royal Purveyors’ has a history of over 100 years. We worked closely with Mara and her team and we are glad to confidently make this nomination”, states Răzvan Popescu, co-founder of DentalMed Luxury Clinic. 

“We are highly honoured to receive this award as the management team of DentalMed Luxury Clinic, which is a client of our agency, appreciated our services as being worthy of such a nomination. I think it is difficult to really know when and if you achieved excellence, because excellence is a mission that you have to constantly pursue. At Confident Communications we chose to make our promise of excellence under a simple slogan <<committed to your reputation>>”, stated Mara Gojgar, founder of Confident PR. 

“Excellence is like the peak of a mountain, after you climb it, another one appears, more and more challenging. At Venus Five studio we try every day to create a unique photographic experience, both through the talent of our team of photographers and through all the related services”, said Dragoș Constantin, photographer and founder of Venus Five Photo studio.

The Annual Gala of the Royal Warrant Holders Association of Romania is a dedicated event when the Board of Association releases the results for the previous year and their plans and proposals for the current year. 

Within the Gala, the Association created a special section, in which companies that already own the Royal Warrant Holder title have the opportunity to nominate for Excellence Awards, or for the title of ‘aspirant’, companies with whom they have previously worked with, know their services or products and consider them worthy of becoming a Royal Warrant Holder of Romania. The Award of Excellence is also a recognition that the Royal Warrant Holders Association of Romania grants each year, within its Gala, to all business entities from Romania, as a sign of excellence in everything they undertake.


Founded in 2014, the Royal Warrant Holders Association of Romania has 60 members out of 70 companies which own the title of Royal Warrant Holder of Romania.

Some of the objectives of the Association are reinforcing the Royal Warrant Holders brand, strengthening the relationship and the strategic partnerships between its members, involvement in the selection, proposal and reinvestment of members and establishing a strong partnership with related associations from The Great Britain, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden. For more details, visit


DentalMed dental clinic covers, through its medical team and top equipment, the whole range of services in the field of dental medicine, excelling in surgery and dental aesthetics. DentalMed selected an international medical team, with over-specialized doctors in top interventions as sinus lift surgery, periodontal microsurgery, dental aesthetic and pediatric dentistry. Dental Implant, reconstructive treatments by periodontal microsurgery, prosthetic reconstruction with zirconia porcelain crowns, inhalation conscious sedation treatment for children, „one stage surgery”(compressing the surgical treatment phases in a single surgical session), represent only a few interventions excellently performed by our specialists. Working in over-specialized teams and using the latest equipment for investigations (MORITA tomograph computer, Carl Zeiss microscope, etc.), DentalMed Clinic inaugurated in 2011 its own Center of Excellence in Surgery and Implantology. 


CONFIDENT PUBLIC RELATIONS. Founded in 2011, Confident PR is one of the first B2B and niche industries communication boutiques in Romania. In 2014, Confident PR created Marcomm Pills School, an alternative marketing school based on practitioners teach practitioners method. The agency’s portfolio includes companies in various fields - medical, real estate, energy, auto, human resources, oil & gas, education, insurances, environment, ONG. The agency is a member of The Chartered Institute of Public Relations in London and of bilateral chambers such as The French-Romanian Chamber of Commerce, The British-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and the German-Romanian-Chamber of Commerce. For more details, visit and

VENUS FIVE PHOTO STUDIO. Founded in 2015 by the photographer Dragoș Constantin, as an independent business line, Venus Five complements the communication services offered by Confident PR, with top notch solutions for studio photography. Venus Five is one of the biggest independent photo studios in Bucharest, located in the city center. The studio is fully equipped for any kind of photo project and a series of video projects. Among the Venus Five clients are multinational and medium companies, as well as renowned show biz VIPs. The studio is also a landmark for well-known photographers who choose it for advanced photo sessions. For more details, visit and

 In 2016, Venus Five created Venus Five School of Photography, which offers long term courses for amateur photographers, professional photographers and thematic seminaries. Details on:

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