STAUFEN. Survey and study – "Digital Cooperation at Companies"

Once again, this year, we will conduct surveys in order to work with you to detect the most important economic trends. We would be happy if you could share the following questionnaire with your members in your newsletter as part of our research.

It's not just the coronavirus that have taught us how important is the good cooperation within a company. For long-term a greater internationalization and increased flexibility require a new quality of collaboration. What is your company doing to improve cooperation? And what role does the use of digital tools play in this?

Please take 10 minutes to answer our questions using the following link:

The results are and will remain anonymous and the data will be aggregated and presented in our study. As a participant, you can receive the results of the study in advance if you wish.

Kind regards from Köngen,

Angela Gabor
Marketing and Academy CEE

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