Support 850 children at literally no cost for you!


Diana didn't go to school since the pandemics started. She misses her friends and teacher, wishing to meet them online. She wants to become a teacher as well, but for the moment she needs a computer to keep up with school classes, now taught online. For her, this will be the kindest Christmas present.


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Dear partner,


This year at Ateliere Fără Frontiere, the amount of requests for refurbished computers from children who do not have the means to attend online school has doubled. By the end of October, we had refurbished and donated 1,700 computers, but requests continue to come to us.


We still need at least 850 computers by the end of the year for students from rural area. Diana is one of them.


Triple your impact with one action:

Maintain 7 jobs

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You maintain seven jobs for vulnerable people working on refurbishing computers collected in our workshop

Protect nature

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You protect nature because refurbishing used equipment has a lower environmental impact

Donate computers

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You support the donation of refurbished computers in disadvantaged areas across the country


How can you make a difference?


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Give us computers!

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We currently have 230 schools on the waiting list! We are an authorized WEEE collector and we collect, besides computers, other electrical equipment as well. We offer free transport and responsible management of the WEEE. Give me a reply to this email or ask the person in charge to fill out the following simple form.



Donate 20% of your income tax!

Image removed by sender. Alternate textRedirect 20% of the income tax to Ateliere Fără Frontiere, at literally no cost for you. You support the refurbishing of the collected computers and 7 jobs for vulnerable people. Give me a reply to this email or ask the person in charge to sign the sponsorship contract.



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Let’s bring joy into the houses of

850 children as early as possible!



Check our work


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