The A_BEST Foreign Language Center team is challenging you: start studying English or German in May!

A_BEST, one of the largest independent language learning centers in Romania, with approximately 15 years of experience on the profile market, announces the organization of a new session of open foreign language courses, online, live, in a group system (6 -8 trainees), in May 2023 and June 2023. Increase your chances of getting ahead in your career with the A_BEST online foreign language coursesEnglish or German interactive sessions.

How can you use foreign languages to your advantage?

The A_BEST foreign language courses are designed to help you develop your vocabulary and be able to easily communicate in a foreign language. The course sessions are interactive and focus on improving fluency, so that you can effectively assimilate the foreign language you want to study.

“Knowing one or more foreign languages ​​well clearly gives you an upper hand from a professional point of view: your value on the labor market increases in direct proportion to the number of foreign languages ​​you know and your level of knowledge. Implicitly, your paycheck will also go up. There are many companies that take into consideration foreign languages ​​known by candidates in the recruitment or promotion process. That’s why it is important not to limit your English knowledge to what you only learned in your high school years and try to progress”, stated Aura Icodin, CEO and founder of the A_BEST Foreign Language Center.

Why choose A_BEST online foreign language courses?

A_BEST trainers adapt the study materials to the field in which you are active, so that you can relate to the activities taught during the sessions, either topics related to the business environment or topics from everyday life. Moreover, the groups have a limited number of participants, so that the teaching is as effective as possible, and you can interact with the other colleagues and, why not, make new friends.

During the session, the trainers will monitor your progress, with the help of assessments, and give you advice so that you gain confidence in your communication skills in the foreign language you will choose to study.

“Developing a new skill, such as learning a foreign language, is an opportunity that can be capitalized immediately, exploring the resources offered by the virtual environment. Moreover, online courses are not something new, they are even an alternative to the classic approach to studying in the classroom, which have the advantage that they can be accessed by trainees from wherever they are. In addition, A_BEST trainers maintain the high degree of interactivity of learning activities, as platforms facilitate this from a didactic point of view, through the possibility of sharing the screen, using the virtual whiteboard or creating live polls”, said Aura Icodin, CEO and founder of the A_BEST Foreign Language Center.

A_BEST course benefits:

If you enroll in one of the live, online courses which A_BEST is organizing in May 2023 and June 2023, you have the following benefits:

  • interactive teaching method (Communicative Language Teaching);
  • flexible schedule: the courses take place in the evening, after working hours;
  • courses structured on various language levels, according to the Common European Framework – A1.1, A1.2., B1.1., B1.2., B2.1. etc;
  • small groups, for teaching efficiency;
  • the courses are live, online, on Zoom, with maximum use of technology in the teaching process, for the direct, immediate benefit of the trainees;
  • skilled trainers with international accreditations and experience in teaching foreign languages ​​to adults;
  • initial testing and course materials in digital format – free of charge.

It is also important to know that the payment can also be made in equal installments (the first installment is paid before the start of the course and the second – during the course, according to the contract). If you opt for full payment, before the start of the course, a 10% discount is applied.

At the same time, a 5% discount is given to former trainees of the A_BEST Foreign Language Center and to people recommended by them.

The calendars of the A_BEST foreign language online courses, May – June session, can be accessed here:

You can register at the email address or by calling 0762 274 914.


About A_BEST Foreign Language Centre

A_BEST was set up in 2008 and is one of the largest independent language learning centers in Bucharest, Romania. A_BEST offers complete language services, at international standards: language courses – general / business / specialized language, open / corporate; Romanian language courses for expats; language courses for children and teenagers; internationally recognized testing; translations; linguistic audit; events dedicated to the academic environment.

With a portfolio of over 15 foreign languagesthree international accreditations and a national oneA_BEST Foreign Language Centre has had, over its 13 years of activity on the profile market, approximately 400 legal entities as clients (multinational or national companies from various fields such as: FMCG, retail, logistics, banking, PHARMA, transport, banking, IT&C, BPO, TELECOM, insurance, tourism etc.)


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