The first interdisciplinary internship program in the construction industry

Partnership between four of the most important players in the industry and the Technical University of Constructions from Bucharest

SBR Soletanche Bachy, PSC Group, Metrik Architecture and Professional Consulting Engineers launch the first interdisciplinary training program in the construction industry, through a partnership with the Technical University of Constructions in Bucharest (UTCB). Through this internship, unique in Romania, 10 third-year students will have access to an integrated perspective on the industry and on the main specializations that make up a construction project.

From developer to architecture, design, and special foundations: a 360 view of the industry

In the context of the internship and training program, students can learn and work in a real setting, going through all important disciplines: from what it means to develop a project to elements related to architecture, design and special foundations.

The internship has an important practical component, which involves not only the accumulation of theoretical knowledge, but also site visits, respectively the acquisition of essential skills for the smooth running of a construction project, such as making budgets and making measurements and calculations.

One month of learning experience with immediate applicability

The program will take place between June 19 and July 14 and involves participation in approximately 120 cumulative hours, including direct involvement in the activity of 4 important companies in the field: PSC Group, Metrik Architecture, Professional Consulting Engineers and SBR Soletanche Bachy.

PSC Group, founded in 1997, with 100% Romanian capital, is the developer of the WIN Herăstrău real estate project. Metrik Architecture is an architectural office with experience in realizing very different projects: from collective and individual housing to industrial halls, commercial facilities, office buildings or hotels. Professional Consulting Engineers is a company founded in 2015, providing design services in the field of civil engineering. SBR Soletanche Bachy is a company specialized in complex geotechnical solutions and special foundations, with a 30-year presence on the Romanian market.

The common objectives of the four initiators aim at topics such as: familiarizing young people with the terminology specific to the field; the accumulation of knowledge regarding the selection criteria of construction materials and execution technologies; frequent problems and dilemmas, with a focus on the relationship with the builder; elements of organizational culture and management; professional communication and communication channels specific to the work environment; exemplifying and applying knowledge acquired in the academic environment; general information about practices and working methods associated with sustainability and energy efficiency, respectively perspectives on the smart city concept and existing practical models in this regard.

The need for collaboration and the desire to provide support in career choice: the basis of the learning experience in the program

The internship program aims at the accelerated growth of the skills in the field of the future generations of professionals, a better career orientation, as well as the in-depth understanding of the interdisciplinarity and collaboration component between all the specialists participating in the development of a construction project.

"Over time, we've noticed that new generations of professionals need more guidance and direct experience of what a real construction project is all about. Through this program, we want to connect students more easily with the labour market and current industry requirements, giving them the opportunity to make informed choices about their professional future. I am also very happy for the collaboration that we initiated in this way with PSC Group, Metrik Architecture and Professional Consulting Engineers – and I believe that there is a need for more such collaborative approaches in our industry", said Lóránd Sata, General Manager of SBR Soletanche Bachy Fundații.

"Our field of activity - real estate development - is par excellence an integrative one. For a successful project, good coordination between architects, builders, engineers, and other specialists in related disciplines is absolutely necessary. I believe that cultivating team spirit and helping students understand the importance of this synchronization from the beginning – are essential. We want this program to contribute to a new generation of professionals with a broader vision of their future work, better able to decide which role suits them in a company and with stronger skills in relation to their colleagues in other countries", added Irina Stoenescu, Vice-President of PSC Group.

"Design is a multidisciplinary process, in which effective collaboration is the key to success. It is vital for a good designer to also understand the challenges of the other actors involved in this joint process. The learning experience we offer in the internship program aims to provide a context for future construction specialists to meet real market situations as quickly as possible. I am convinced that this will lead to a construction industry that will continue to evolve and a better built environment," explained Vlad Balosin, Founder and General Manager of Metrik Architecture.

"The basic information needed to enter the construction field is accumulated within the academic environment. Through this internship program, we want to build on the foundation provided by the faculty so that the participants have as clear an understanding as possible of the field of structural design. Such a program can represent a good career start - and we are glad to be able to transmit as much of our experience as possible, for this purpose", concluded Bogdan Radu, Administrator Professional Consulting Engineers.

The students will be selected and proposed by the Technical University of Construction from Bucharest, and at the end of the internship program, there is the possibility of employment within the companies that initiated this partnership, depending on the results, evolution and skills that the participants in the program show.


About SBR Soletanche Bachy

SBR Soletanche Bachy Romania is one of the main companies specialized in complex geotechnical solutions and special foundations on the local market. The company is part of the Soletanche Bachy group of French origin, world leader in the field, with a tradition and activity of over 100 years. On the local level, the company has been present for 30 years and is based on a team of over 120 specialists, with the help of which it is involved both in projects in the private sector (retail, residential, office, industrial) and in the public sector.

About PSC Group

Founded in 1997, PSC Group is a family business with 100% Romanian capital. It has asserted itself on the construction and real estate market in Romania, by developing projects aimed at raising the quality of life and respecting the principle of harmony in the modelling of space. The most recent example is the WIN Herăstrău residential complex, intended for the premium segment. Through internal departments and associated divisions, PSC Group covers 360° the services of the field: project development, property management, technical consultancy, architecture and interior design, resistance design and project management.

About Metrik Architecture

Metrik Architecture is an architecture office equally devoted to creativity and professional rigor. With a broad portfolio that includes collective and individual housing, restorations and extensions, industrial halls, commercial facilities, office buildings and hotels, the Metrik team understands that investors must balance high quality with profitability in every project. Success depends on a coherent, well thought out and executed process. That's why the studio's efforts are oriented towards results aligned with the clients' interests and towards an attractive and timeless aesthetic.

About Professional Consulting Engineers

Professional Consulting Engineers was established in 2015 by Bogdan Radu and Dragoș Mihăilă. The company offers design services in the field of civil and industrial constructions, specializing in the design of resistance structures. The PCE portfolio includes clients from most important cities in Romania, such as: Bucharest and neighboring areas, Timișoara, Cluj, Oradea, Craiova, Deva. Over time, the company also had significant collaborations with partners from Germany, Iceland, and Madagascar.


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