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The virus doesn't discriminate. Then why do we?

Contribute to the Necessity Fund

Beyond the coronavirus, in the vulnerable communities we see more poverty and more sickness than usual. This period has taught us that we are all equal in front of the disease and that the virus does not discriminate between the rich and the poor, has taught us that the pandemic doesn`t have borders, and neither does the compassion surrounding it.

Nothing has prepared us for this, nobody anticipated what was going to happen and nothing will be as we used to know.

In order not to abandon those who put their lives in our hands, we launched the Necessity Fund to offer medical assistance to over 5.000 destitute sick persons, and as well as to support the state hospitals with vital materials and equipment.


Health in poor communities during coronavirus


The pandemic times mean for our patients isolation, the deepening of poverty, starvation and the worsening of their disorders.

We were close to them during this period helping them survive this new and unexpected crisis: from products of basic necessity (water, food, and products of hygiene) and vital medications to direct and phone emotional supportinformation and medical advices meant to disolve their fear of infection and of lack of access to medical services. 

For old people and those with chronic disorders, the isolation crisis will not end soon, they need the help of those surrounding them in order to survive.

The epidemic will truly strike the disadvantage population after it will be over, and we predict that to these needy people there will be thousands others that will add to them, people left without job, health insurance, people with the fear that they do not know where they will be treated and to whom should address for their health problems.

Help us keep them alive! 

From May 15 we will join the 1st line

During the emergency state, the dental offices of the foundation remained closed and over 500 patients were left with unfinished dental treatments, with pain and new diseases, that appeared as a consequence.

Dentistry is one of the specialties having the highest risk of infection with COVID-19, so the supplementary protection measures  to protect the patients and the doctors are much stricter and entail higher cost. In order to keep the dental services free of charge for the social patients, we need supplementary funds of 20.000 euro/month!

From the 2nd line, from May 15 our doctors become 1st liners. As a result we continue the appeal to contribute to the Necessity Fund - this time to support the dentists and the patients with materials and new equipment, mandatory for limiting the risk of spreading the virus.

Protect the doctors and the patients

Risk of school dropout during coronavirus 

Once the schools were closed, the children coming from vulnerable families were left without access to education due to poverty, and the teaching done exclusively online has deepened even more the gap between the children from disadvantaged families and those at the opposite side of the spectrum.

➽ 70 out of the 200 children supported in the 2 educational centers of the foundation do not have any source of learning, no tablets, laptops or access to internet, and for them we are trying to prevent being left behind again by the society and the school.

➽ Many parents have lost their source of income, and the children have lost their meal they received at the after-school, the main meal of the day. The families of 60 children from Baneasa and Clinceni are living at the limit of survival and to them we want to ensure the daily meal through any type of help: packages with food, social tickets or financial aid.

In order for the educational center to continue to function in the next school year and to offer children the hope that their future will be different than what they are living now we need support.

Offer access to education 

The help recevied so far made the difference! Thank you!


For 2 months since the state of emergency was put in place, our foundation led a direct fight with COVID -19 through the donations of medical equipment to the state hospitals.

This would not have been possible without the involvement of our generous community, or the partners and individual donors, to whom we are thankful!

How can companies contribute to the NECESSITY FUND?



The Romanian government took several measures to support the private sector, but the protection measures for the NGO have not yet appeared. Given this reality, the functioning of the entire sector depends exclusively on sponsorships, which, in the 2 months of pandemics, have dropped, in our case, by up to 80%.

Even though there is still time till the end of 2020, when the fiscal year closes, it is important to know that the companies paying tax on profit can direct the 20% any time during this year.

Our foundation is eligible for sponsorships, see the documents HERE and HERE.


Download the sponsorship contract


Other ways you can help


➽ Direct donation in Fundației CMU Regina Maria account RO70RZBR0000060012785673  

➽ Send an SMS with word "SOARTA" at 8844 for 2 eur/monthly

➽ Online HERE






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