What will the homes of the future look like? True luxury is green

Compared to previous years, the residential market is now much more evolved and clients are more demanding and informed. More and more people who want to buy green homes compared to those who are looking for an apartment in a block of flats are increasingly concerned about the quality of their lifestyle, the comfort and safety that their family home brings, energy efficiency and lower maintenance costs, not just the price per square meter as they were interested in the past. So there are more and more quality projects being built.

Also, we see many more persons who pay attention to a balanced lifestyle that want to grow their families in a community with similar values, close to the nature, into a high-quality residential complex outside the city which can integrate and answer to all their family needs: educational, social, sport and nature, administrative and much more.

Moreover, the number of those who look to move outside the city in a house has increased as well compared to previous years. The major shift comes from understanding that the living and maintenance costs are significantly lower in a house with a higher quality construction and designed for high performance. Green homes offer substantial savings to the costs on energy and ensure quality, health and comfort as supplementary benefits comparing to the standard homes available on the market


What would you dream house look like?

We are inviting you to participate in a market research study to identify the potential customers' preferences when buying a house.

The questionnaire is available here and can be completed by July 20th, 2018.

By completing the questionnaire below you will help the Alesonor team of experts to better define homes that are perfectly suited both to your needs and your budgets.

Alesonor, the real estate developer with over 15 years of experience in the luxury residential market, is starting a major project in northern Bucharest - the first green suburb area in Romania, an investment estimated at approx. 100 million euros. The project will feature over 400 green villas, which will benefit from a complete, high-quality infrastructure and the proximity of a dedicated area for the family – school, kindergarten and afterschool, co-working spaces with conference rooms, dedicated areas for recreation, sports, spa, restaurants and shopping, as well as direct access to the Baneasa Forest, the largest forest around Bucharest.


About Alesonor

Alesonor is a real estate developing company, founded in Romania in 2003. For the past 15 years, Alesonor has been investing in successful real estate projects, including commercial and industrial projects, but having as main objective the development of luxury residential and also environment friendly projects, a field in which the company has gained important experience on the Romanian market.  

With an investment capital of approx. 45 million EUR in real estate projects and land acquisition, Alesonor has successfully developed and sold the following residential projects: Clover Residence, Magnolia Residence, Ivy Office Residence, Almond Tree Residence. 

The most awarded Alesonor project is Amber Gardens, the first large scale residential project in Romania with luxury green homes that integrates bioclimatic design and follows the passive house standard, the most performant energetic standard in the world. 

Amber Gardens was the first villa project in Romania which received the “Green Home”, awarded by Romania Green Building Council (RoGBC), at the beginning of 2015, upon its launch. Since then, Amber Gardens is still the only villa project in Bucharest and Ilfov County which holds this certification. 

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