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On the 18th of October, 2019, BusinessMark invites you to attend BUSINESS CHALLENGE 2019, an event that will take place at JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel.

Having reached its 7th edition, the conference, dedicated to entrepreneurs and managers within medium and small companies, aims at approaching the specific problems they are facing, while also highlighting the huge potential behind businesses set in motion by agile and creative minds. 

You have the opportunity to connect with over 100 participants and speakers, and discuss about how you can successfully cope with challenges in this field.

Take the challenge! Speakers taking part in the event include:

  • IOAN COCAN, Managing Partner, Tremend;
  • MARIANA CONSTANTINESCU-BRĂDESCU, Managing Partner & Co-Founder, Rock Star Construct – owner of PIATRAONLINE brand;
  • ADRIAN COCAN, Manager, Lăptăria cu Caimac;
  • ION MATEI DUMITRESCU, Angel investor, Vice President Techangels Romania, Acceleration Expert Investment Ready Program Vienna;
  • ALINA DONICI, Managing Partner, Artesana;
  • NICOLETA CHIRICĂ, Founder and designer, IUTTA;
  • STELA ANDREI, Director, People Advisory Services, EY Romania;
  • MIHAI ZÂNT, Business Coach, HUMANISTIC
  • CĂLIN PASCU, Founder & General Manager, Agenția de Print.

They will come up with answers that are on every entrepreneur’s lips:

  • What is the factor that brings success in business?
  • What cocktail of factors are we thinking of when we imagine success?   
  • Is it good to take risks, and when does such an approach become dangerous?  
  • What complications can „fast growing” development cause, and how can we prevent them?  
  • How do we smartly invest in technology for operational optimization, innovation, and positioning on local and international markets?
  • There are plenty of challenges in business, and the game is getting even more complicated when talking about start-ups, SMEs, and entrepreneurial initiatives.

Mark your B2B opportunity, together with BusinessMark. For further details about BUSINESS CHALLENGE 2019 conference, how to register, and the main topics of discussion, please click HERE.

Event organized by BusinessMark, supported by: EY Romania, CEC Bank, A&M International.

Official radio of the event: Europa FM.

With the support of: CCIFER - French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Romania, CCIRI - Romania-Israel Chamber of Commerce and Industry, BCCBR - Bilateral Chamber of Commerce Bulgaria-Romania, BRCC - British Romanian Chamber of Commerce.

Media partners:, Business24, DeBizz, Transilvania Business, Financial Market,, Global Manager, MATEK, Curierul Național, Jurnalul de Afaceri,, Portal Management, Business Press, Antreprenor în Romania ,, Rbe Connect, PRwave,, MoneyBuzz, Revista Bulevard, Manager Express, Social Media Romania, Market Watch,,,,, Clujul de Buzunar, Monitorul de Făgăraș, Cargo Magazin.


BusinessMark is a company that provides integrated B2B services. Our main activity is ’’trademark’’ business event planning that aims to create a professional discussion and networking space for Romanian business environment. By combining communication methods and business matchmaking, we offer complex development models to our partners, connecting them directly with the business environment, and creating opportunities for strategic partnership.

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