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On the 15th of October, 2019, CCIFER is inviting you to an interesting workshop on digital transformation skills, organized by PMO and IT&C CCIFER's working groups.


The working groups of PMO and IT&C affiliated to CCIFER are organizing a workshop on a debated topic - transformation skills.

The event will take place at CCIFER's hq (240B, Ethos House, 3rd floor, Bucharest) at 9am.


I. Introduction : GT PMO Lead and GT IT&C Lead

II. Building skills for Transformation - Anna Dyngosz


1. Introduction: What is transformation?
Types of transformation: enterprise; function-specific; always-on
2. Types of corporate disruptors
3. Defining the Transformation Equation:

Transformation = (Corporate Capabilities + Vision) x ACTION) / Market Need

4. Transformation Skills:

  • Training and facilitation
  • Using Appreciative Enquiry
  • Finding and nurturing strong advocates
  • Defining inspiring purpose
  • Understanding the System
  • Managing stakeholders
  • Communication
  • Coaching
  • Feedback

5. Transformation common pitfalls

6. Exercise: transformation experience (30 min)
In small groups, participants share experience of a recent transformation.
What worked well? What have we learned?
Restitution / summary of discussions

III. Case studies

  • Case study 1 – Salesforce introduction at Groupama Asigurari – Razvan GHETEA, CIO&COO, Groupama Asigurari
  • Case study 2 - ERP implementation: Methods, usage and key success factors - Dragos TANASE, Sales & Project Manager, Deveho Consulting

IV. Q&A session

Anna Dyngosz - For the past 18 years Anna has led change management and transformation programs for organisations in the financial services, tourism, healthcare and online media sectors.
She applies Lean, Six Sigma and Systems Thinking to dramatically improve customer and employee experience.
Anna graduated with an MBA degree from the London Business School and is the founder of in Paris. She is fluent in French, English and Spanish.


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