ExMP 2020: Digital Transformation and Business Strategy

Ethos House, Calea Floreasca, 240B, etaj 3

Langue : English

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900 euro+VAT

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Understand the impact of the digital revolution on the business strategy of any business!


The goal of the 2 days session is to understand the impact of the digital revolution (Industry 4.0/New Work) on the business strategy of any business. The session will look at the outside world (‘Market’) and the inside world (‘Employment’) of a company. From there we will merge the two perspectives with a glimpse on the methodologies usually called ‘agile’. From there we will put the different views in context.

The session will be a mix of presentation (input), short videos (input), discussion (processing) and experiences in small groups (application).

The sessions input is based on the studies ’25 thesis of the future of work’ (University St. Gallen/Deutsche Telekom AG) and ‘Work 2028’ (Henley Business School(Deutsche Telekom AG). Furthermore public information about companies that successfully manage the digital transformation.

Course length : 16 hours


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