ExMP 2020: Leadership and Organisational Behaviour

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Langue : English

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The Leadership module aims to give participants insight about their own functioning in organizations and managerial situations


The world of organizations is changing and requires new leadership styles. In our knowledge society, autocratic forms of leadership no longer work. We are going from C C C (command, control, and compartmentalization) organizational cultures to I I I (information, interaction, innovation) cultures. Included among the new essential management skills of leaders today will be a coaching, mentoring mindset.

The Leadership module aims to give participants insight about their own functioning in organizations and managerial situations, as well as concrete, non-theoretical, tools to deal with a range of problems – and opportunities – that arise in connection with the management of human beings.

Objectives of the course

The course aims to improve participants' ability to comprehensively grasp the concept and mechanisms of leadership in order to understand its organizational consequences. The approach is holistic and correlational: show the existence of links and mutual influences between the "intimate theater" and personal history of individuals (leaders), the different styles of leadership, corporate culture, satisfaction at work, commitment and solidarity of group members, and finally organizational performance.  

Course length : 16 hours


Kerstin Alfes is a Professor of Organisation and Human Resource Management at ESCP Europe, Campus Berlin. She is the Academic Director for the Master in European Business (MEB) at the Berlin Campus. Prior to joining ESCP Europe, Kerstin was a Senior Lecturer at Kingston University London and an Assistant Professor at Tilburg University (The Netherlands). Kerstin completed her Habilitation (2014) and her Dr. rer. oec. (PhD equivalent, 2008) at the University of Bern (Switzerland) and received her Master Degree (Diplom-Kauffrau) from the University of Mannheim (Germany) in 2004.


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