ExMP 2020: Marketing

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Langue : English

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The focus of the course is the examination of the essential concepts, theories, models and frameworks of marketing in a business to business context. The objective is to develop the competences and the necessary knowledge to a company manager who is exposed to marketing issues/decisions, outlining as well the marketing management differences, according to the sector and segments of customers.

The course adopts a managerial and decision-making oriented perspective.

Learning Outcomes

  • To understand the fundamental concepts, mechanisms, tools and terminologies of marketing, and of how they are applied to businesses and non-profit
  • To analyze customer and organizational buyer behaviour and to conduct marketing research
  • To identify and select market segments and to position and differentiate the market offering
  • To design a product and branding strategy and to develop price strategies and programs
  • To design and manage marketing channels
  • To develop an overall marketing strategy and to design a marketing plan
  • To implement a consistent marketing mix.

Course length : 16 hours


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