ExMP 2020: Procurement Strategies

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Jeudi 30 Juillet 2020 - 18H00

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900 euro+VAT

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This course develops the basic principles of procurement and provides practical tools for purchases decisions. The course is built for non-Buyers specialists. It is structured around basic procurement concepts and practical examples.

Learning outcomes:

  • to develop the participant’s ability to analyse the procurement performance and to understand tools used to value companies
  • to enhance the participant’s ability to understand the importance of Procurement function in the global performance of the companies.


  1. Why Procurement is a strategic function today
  2. Strategical and operational process in Procurement
  3. Define Procurement strategies
  4. MoB ( Make or Buy) strategy
  5. Controlling performance

Reference book :

LYSONS Kenneth & FARRINGTON Brian, Purchasing and Supply Chain Management, Pearson Education, 9th Edition, 2017.

Course length: 12 hours


After taking on the responsability of Purchasing Management in insurance and automotive sectors, Irène Foglierini focused her activities in consulting and training in Procurement and Supply chain. She is Associated Director in a consulting group specialized in Procurement and Supply Chain. Scientific Director of Purchasing training programs (ESCP EXECUTIVE EDUCATION) and President of Contracts Commission (AP-HP, 39 public hospitals in Paris area). MBA and Ph.D in Management Sciences, she has published a several articles and books in purchasing.


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